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Western Coyotes: Focus on Behavior, Scouting, Approach

by Scott Haugen 0

Sweat equity, perseverance and boot leather will help you slay elusive coyotes. With sweat running down my cheeks, I wasn’t… more »


Predator Hunting: 3 Ways to Find Elusive Coyotes

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Calling all coyotes: These predators are efficient, so finding and calling them to the gun can be a chore. Over the… more »

predator hunting

4 Steps to Successful Predator Hunting

by Scott Haugen 0

Whether you’re a newcomer to predator hunting across the West, here are four tips to help get you started. Walking below… more »


Predator Hunting: How to Outsmart Coyotes

by Gary Lewis 0

Coyotes are the kings of survival in the wild. You need to be a step ahead. By Gary Lewis Many… more »

mountains lion

G&F Most Popular: Big Cat, Record Catches, Catfish Bait

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

G&F Most Popular: Here are the 10 most popular stories from Game & Fish during the past week. Game & Fish online… more »

mountain lion

Sheep-Killer: Check Out Size of This Mountain Lion

by admin 0

Mountain lion preying on sheep killed: Also going by the names panther, cougar and puma, the mountain lion is a native… more »

predator rifle

The Best Predator Rifle: Bolt-Action vs. AR

by Skip Knowles 0

A Western kid by upbringing, I have long been enamored by ultra lightweight, hard-kicking, powerful rifles that you could hike… more »

Suburbia Coyote

Coyotes In Suburbia

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Once considered a denizen of the Western wilds, the coyote has learned to adapt to human encroachment and development to… more »


Predator Calling Tips & Tactics

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 4

Close shots at predators are far easier to make than long ones. Here are some expert tips on getting them close.

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