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Largemouth Bass Maine

My first fish ever!


My son took his nephew fishing for the first time and this was his first catch! The grin says it all!

  • Taken At: Sweden Maine
  • Taken On: 07/11/2012
  • With: Richard Massey III
  • Carrie Garland

    Love that big smile!

  • Dana Erickson

    Would love to know how to vote on this and post it so my friends can vote, someone please help.

    • fourseasonqueen

      U like the photo that is it to vote.. I think to share copy paste link to status?

  • Hope Barker


  • Dana Erickson

    This was a great day in my grandsons life!

  • Karena Magee

    He is soooo flippen cute!!! I hope he at least makes the top 10 better yet, win!!! Good luck RAM!! Xoxo

  • Scott Parker

    good luck Dana

  • jack

    how are you getting so many likes?

  • Hope Barker
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