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Maine Whitetail

Maine Archery Buck


We’ve had a drought this year and a huge acorn bumper crop. The deers patterns have changed a lot due to lack of water Andrea abundance of hard mast. I set up in thick cedars between a dried up swamp and an acor flat. It rained hard the night before for the first time in months, I rolled out of bed heard the rain and told my wife I’m going to look at the forecast. Forecast said we would have a break in the weather for a few hours. I thought to myself the deer are going to be up and moving to grab a snack, especially the pre- rut buck she building there strength up. Climbed into my stand an hour before shooting time and waited out first light. By 7am I had seen no sign of deer so I decided to lightly rattle and grunt a bit. 8:00am still nothing so I started getting impatient rattled and grunted angain and stood up to take one last look around and there he was coming straight at me on a side trail about 30 yards. I caught a climes of his rack And body size and thought this is a big deer. He had his nose to the ground and I drew back hoping he would give me a shot. He turned quartering toward me at 15 yard, I took the shot over his right shoulder into his lungs, good solid hit. He bounded off and crashed into the dried out swamp. Waited an hour got down, no blood. Made circles until I found some. There he was a huge mature buck 70 yards from where I shot him. I was overwhelmed to take a 200 lb buck wth a bow in Maine. Feel honered and blessed to take an animal like this in this beautiful state.

  • Taken At: Hancock County
  • Taken On: 10/22/2016
  • With: David Jantti
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