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North Carolina Saltwater

Holden Berry’s first old drum


We were fishing for old drum near Oriental NC with three generations of fishermen, father, son and grandsons. We had two rods out with heavy equipment and we brought along one light weight rod with 10lb test so the youngest in the group, 7 year old Holden Berry could catch some small croakers or pinfish while things were slow. We had not caught a fish all day when Holden’s rod started screaming. Knowing how light the tackle was we immediately pulled the anchor and began chasing the fish. Holden kept reeling, his older brother 10 year old Conner Berry helped hold the rod and Holden’s Grandad held him by the back of his life jacket to keep the fish from pulling him overboard. After 15-20 minutes the fish finally surfaced and we could tell we had a 50+” old drum. To say we were excited is an extreme understatement.

  • Taken At: Oriental NC
  • Taken On: 09/09/2018
  • With: Holden Berry
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