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Kentucky Whitetail

Fourth Quarter Buck


I was hunting with an outfitter in Northern Kentucky’s Lewis County during the opening four days of guns season. My guide had text me some pictures of a buck they had been seeing near a giant bean field only a couple of days before the season open, but because of several bad experiences with other outfitters, I didn’t believe. So, after sitting on stand for 13 hours a day (hour before daylight to nearly an hour after dark) for three days, on the fourth and final morning at daybreak he came down the middle of a hay field walking step for step with a hot doe. When he got about 225 yards out i put a neck shot in him and he went down. As I looked at him, he got up and I put another round in him and he went down. As I chambered a third round he tried to get up again and I didn’t let him. The third shot put him down for good. The deer was scored by the outfitter as a main frame 10 point at 174 2/8 gross score with several kickers and stickers for a total of 13 scoreable points. After getting him to a point where he could be weighed, he was 281 lbs. field dressed, and the jaw was aged by my taxidermist as AT LEAST 6 1/2 years of age. He is a true Northern Kentucky Monarch, and the buck of my lifetime.

  • Taken At: Northern Kentucky
  • Taken On: 11/14/2017
  • With: Michael (Rusty) Peace
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