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Elk Idaho

2017 elk


After many hours spent scouting and glassing the hillsides, I knew exactly where I wanted to be on opening morning of my 2017 elk hunt. My dad and I loaded up the 4 wheelers in the cool, dark, October air and rode off to the spot we had spotted the most bulls. The sun was barely starting to come up when we parked the 4 wheelers, but as soon as we turned the 4 wheelers off the sound of bugels filled the air and we knew we were by the elk. Quickly, we grabbed our packs and started heading up the ridge to get a better vantange point on the herd. Laying low we crawled to the top of the hill, and all at once we saw the valley glowing gold with elk and our ears became filled with the powerful sound of elk bugeling and cows calling. I’d never seen or heard anything like it. After awhile of looking at all the different bulls, I finally found the one I wanted, they were broken off from the main herd and quickly feeding down the hill. We made our way down the hill trying to get into position for a shot, but ended up following this herd of bulls as they fed down the hill. After awhile of this the perfect shot presented itself, I got myself situated with my 6.5 creedmore rested against a rock. As I looked down the scope and found my bull, all the bugeling stopped and my ears became filled with the sound of my own heart beat. I took a breath and pulled the trigger. He dropped in his tracks. As I walked towards him, I became overwhelmed with emotion because of the beautiful bull I was able to harvest for my 2017 elk hunt.

  • Taken At: Unit 41
  • Taken On: 10/01/2017
  • With: Wendy Rawlings
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