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Illinois Pike

20 lbs Muskie. Channel lake. Fox Chain


I am a avid fisherman. The sport inspired by my father Robert Penuel Who has fished the Midwest for over 30 years and has a huge number of trophy catches. I am also adding to my trophy catches and this one is a real beauty. Caught, photographed and released. The fish weighed an impressive 20.9 lbs.
This fish caught in a cloudy rainy day in late August 2018 . With several other nice Muskies caught. I thank my father for his passion in the outdoors and sharing with myself and brother. I hope to one day share to my 2 yr old daughter and newborn son. The fox Chain is a tremendous fishery. From pan fish to the mighty Muskie. I am quite proud of the catch. Maybe one day in the future this prize muskie will be caught and released again for another to catch. Till than. Be safe in the water and always remember CPR. catch. Photo Release. Good practice for all.

  • Taken At: On water Channel Lake. Fox chain o lakes
  • Taken On: 08/31/2018
  • With: Jason Robert Penuel
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