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white bass spawning run

As Mild Rain Falls, Sand Bass Spawning Run Heats Up in Texas

by Lynn Burkhead

As late winter and early spring rains fall, the changing of the seasons signals the start of  the annual Texas… more »

New York ice-out yellow perch

Prime Time for New York Ice-Out Yellow Perch

by Al Raychard

Late winter and early spring are prime times to get in on the New York ice-out yellow perch bonanza. Of… more »

spring turkey hunting tips

'Hung-Up' Gobbler? Try These Tips to Bring Him In

by Game & Fish Staff

One of the frustrating parts of targeting gobblers is when birds lock up out of range. Next time that happens, try these… more »

river ice

Be Prepared: Watch Out for River Ice

by Ted Peck

The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” holds infinite wisdom when fishing any Wisconsin river in March. Or in any state… more »

chronic wasting disease

Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads to New State

by Game & Fish Online Staff

State officials said evidence of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been found in Mississippi, making it the 25th state to confirm… more »

northern pike fishing

5 Hot Spots for River Northern Pike Fishing

by Tom Carpenter

Rivers often get overlooked for northern pike fishing. That’s why those waters can offer some very good action — and… more »


Wildlife Officers Find 17 Bundles of Pot Worth $600K

by Scott Bernarde

A young boy and his father reported seeing “suspicious-looking bundles” in the water at Falcon State Park in Texas. In… more »

game warden stories

Youths Witness Poaching, Dumpster Diving for Clues, Beer Busted: Game Warden Stories

by Scott Bernarde

Officers face a myriad of incidents in the field — these Texas Game Warden stories range from the serious to… more »

turkey chokes

Talking Turkey Chokes with George Trulock

by pwrackley

Three of the most important components of turkey hunting are shotguns, shells and choke tubes, of which George Trulock knows… more »

Wild Turkey Albondigas Soup Recipe

Wild Turkey Albondigas Soup Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Try this traditional, Mexican-prepared wild turkey meatball soup recipe – it does not disappoint Serves: 6 Prep time: 15 minutes… more »

minnesota bass fishing

NoCal Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Bill Schaefer

These record-producing NoCal bass fishing hotspots are among the top picks for the months to come. Well, we had another great winter… more »

turkey shotguns

Barrel Length a Key Component for Youth .410 Turkey Shotguns

by Game & Fish Online Staff

With Federal Premium Ammunition’s new Heavyweight TSS turkey hunting load in #9 shot, some .410 turkey shotguns – particularly when… more »

turkey box calls

Create Distinctive Sound with Turkey Box Calls

by Mike Marsh

  Maker of turkey box calls uses historic wood for distinctive sound. Here’s his tips on how to use them. With… more »

Central Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe

Central Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe

by Nick Parsons

Nothing says Texas like this mouthwatering smoked brisket recipe Every region of the world has its own version of barbecue,… more »

turkey decoys

Tips for Basic Turkey Decoy Setups

by Jay Langston

There’s no doubt that turkey decoys can sometimes work wonders to draw in spring gobblers. These tips can help improve… more »

turkey optics

Turkey Optics We Have Our Eyes On

by Game & Fish Staff

Turkey optics lowdown: Like shells and guns, optics have greatly improved over the last few decades. Here are a few of… more »

wary trout

How to Outsmart a Wary Trout

by Dennis Dauble

These strategies can help you entice a wary trout. There are certain things about wary trout. It’s not so much… more »

fishing ponds

Think Twice Before ‘Midnight Stocking’ Your Fishing Pond

by Dan Anderson

“Helping” local fishing ponds with stockings from elsewhere could ruin the fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegills and channel catfish are the predominant… more »

turkey expert Michael Waddell

5 Questions with Turkey Expert Michael Waddell

by John Geiger

With gobbler season right around the corner in many places in the U.S., Game & Fish asked turkey expert Michael… more »

northern pike

Make a Plan for Northern Pike in 2018

by Tom Carpenter

If you want to catch northern pike consistently, you need to make a plan. Here are some tips to get you started…. more »