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dove opener

Excellent Habitat Should Bring Productive Ky. Dove Opener

by admin

The Sept. 1 dove opener this year falls on a Saturday, which will bring more hunters into the field. By… more »

deer hunting

Make a Late-Summer Deer Camera Switch-Up

by Game & Fish Online Staff

As velvet-covered antlers transform into shiny hard-horn, your deer camera placement should also change. By T.A. Harrison I’m no biologist, but… more »


Quick Tip: Baits For Eating-Size Catfish

by Frank Sargeant

While lunker catfish can be a bit persnickety, those little 2- to 4-pounders that look so good fried to a golden… more »


Poaching News: Cast-Netting for Bass, Buck Mule Deer Charges, Holy Mackerel!

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Wildlife officers face a myriad of incidents in the field —  from the serious, like poaching cases, to the ridiculous…. more »

chronic wasting disease

Wisconsin Whitetails Under Siege: Chronic Wasting Disease Update

by Dan Small

In the decade and a half since Chronic Wasting Disease showed up in our state it has continued to spread…. more »

hunting dogs

5 Steps to Recharge Your Hard-Hunting Dog

by admin

  This routine provides all the benefits hunting dogs need  for better performance the next morning and over the course… more »

bull shark

Huge Bull Shark Caught in Maryland Net

by admin

News of a large bull shark being trapped in a pound net in Chesapeake Bay has drawn a lot of… more »

duck hunting

USF&W Report: Duck Numbers Down, Good Fall Hunts Still Expected

by Lynn Burkhead

While this summer’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service duck breeding estimate of 41 million birds is a drop from a… more »

mock scrapes

How to Use Mock Scrapes to Increase Your Deer-Hunting Success

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Whether a tool for trail cameras or to stop a passing buck for a shot, mock scrapes need to be… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt

Understanding Early Season Whitetail Behavior

by Game & Fish Staff

While there is no guarantee of success, understanding whitetail behavior during the early season can go a long way toward putting meat… more »

fall catfish

Fall Catfish: How to Catch Flatheads, Blues and Channels

by Frank Sargeant

The season is about to turn, and with it the big fall catfish bite in lakes and rivers is picking… more »

texas fall fishing

Overlooked Texas Fall Fishing Options

by Robert Sloan

As the fall approaches, anglers know the fishing picks up. But don’t overlook outstanding Texas fall fishing action in the… more »

early season bow hunting

Early Season Bowhunting Opportunities in Florida

by admin

Take advantage of early season bow hunting on some great Florida public lands to put venison in the freezer or tag… more »

Gear Review: Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill

Gear Review: Portable Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill

by Jessyca Sortillon

When your passion for the outdoors is as strong as it is for grilling, you need a quality, portable grill… more »

paternoster rig

Master the Paternoster Rig for Catfish

by Keith Sutton

The paternoster rig requires extra time to prepare, but it’s invaluable for certain types of catfishing. I’ve never been a very good… more »

behind the badge

Behind the Badge: If You Get Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Behind the Badge is a regular series of perspective stories by Oklahoma game warden Carlos Gomez. In this article, Gomez shares… more »

California deer forecast

California Deer Forecast 2018

by John Higley

California deer forecast: Weather patterns across the Golden State appear to be the primary factor for success for state hunters. Looking… more »

Review of the Portable Eureka! Gonzo Grill 3-in-1 Cook System

Review of the Portable Eureka! Gonzo Grill 3-in-1 Cook System

by Chelsie Walters

With the Eureka! Gonzo Grill, you can grill your catch of the day, boil a side of rice, and sauté… more »

new hunting firearms

Exclusive Look: New Hunting Firearms & Ammo at OSG Roundtable

by John Geiger

As the season starts, we found some great new hunting firearms and ammo. Game & Fish Editor in Chief John Geiger… more »

fall walleyes

Match the Hatch For Fall Walleyes

by Dan Armitage

Go big and go fast to catch fall walleyes that are targeting the largest baitfish of the season. The colder the… more »