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desert. bird hunting

Top Desert Bird Hunts 2017

by John E. Phillips

If you’re searching for good bird hunting in Nevada and Utah, don’t overlook these opportunities. In many sections of Utah… more »

October outdoors

Key Tactics for Successful Squirrel Hunting

by Josh Honeycutt

While sometimes referred to as beginner game, squirrel hunting provides fun action for all ages. Slowly moving through the timber,… more »

hurricane irma

How Did Hurricane Irma Impact Florida Fishing?

by Lynn Burkhead

Hurricane Irma: Tackle shops, other businesses ‘took it on the chin,’ but the fishing will bounce back quickly, experts say…. more »


Wild Pork and Beans Recipe

by Game & Fish Online Staff

  Toss the ingredients in a crockpot and forget about them for a few hours, or use the stovetop method… more »

fall hunting fishing

Fall Outdoors: Catch Bass, Bag Buck & More

by admin

October is one of the best months for southern sportsmen and women, as both hunting and fishing opportunities abound throughout. By… more »

catfish records

Biggest Catfish Records in the U.S.

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Game & Fish dived into the record books to find the catfish records for every state. How does your best… more »

buying hunting land

Expert Tips: Buying Great Deer Hunting Land

by M.D. Johnson

Fulfill your dreams of owning your own deer hunting land. Here’s how to do it the right way. Almost without… more »

bear hunting

Facts About Bear Hunting in Natural State

by gilmorenick

Population umbers are rising in Arkansas, and the bear hunting is getting better as they do. By Clay Newcomb The Natural State… more »

top 10 stories

Top 10 Stories: Record Catfish, Best Deer Rifles, Mentoring Hunters

by Game & Fish Online Staff

G&F top 10 stories: Here are the top 10 stories from Game & Fish from the past week Game & Fish online and magazines… more »

New England Deer Forecast

2017 New England Deer Forecast

by Stephen D. Carpenteri

New England’s whitetail population is stable or growing throughout the six-state region. Harvest numbers show only slight increases or decreases… more »

wild hogs

Hunting Wild Hogs: New Rules to Control Population

by Bob Bledsoe

Why not add the pursuit of wild hogs to your deer hunting adventures this season? People in Oklahoma are going hog wild!… more »

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting: Strategies to Stop a Running Rooster

by Mark Kayser

Is there anything more frustrating while pheasant hunting than trying to hunt roosters that run instead of fly? You’d think being… more »

Kentucky bowhunting

Going Stick ‘N String: Bowhunting in Kentucky

by Paul Moore

The first opportunity for hunters to pursue deer each year is with a bow, and Kentucky bowhunting offers some of… more »

game warden stories

Boat Ramp Rookie, Caught in Underwear, 177 Doves Seized: Game Warden Stories

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Officers face a myriad of incidents when in the field — these game warden stories range from the serious to… more »

state record catfish

State Record Catfish Beats Mark by 11 Pounds

by Game & Fish Online Staff

It is the second time this year the Delaware state record catfish has been broken. A new state record for catfish… more »

public land deer

Public Land Deer Hunting in Hoosier State

by Paul Moore

Here’s our guide to filling your tag with public land deer this season in Indiana. Much has changed for deer… more »


Quiz: Are You the Hunter You Think You Are?

by Frank Miniter

Hunting faces more challenges today than ever before. One of the best ways to meet these challenges is for all… more »

percy priest fishing

The Lowdown On Percy Priest Fishing

by Paul Moore

Located near one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tennessee, Percy Priest Lake provides some of the best fishing in… more »

fall turkey hunting

Fall Turkey Hunting a Pennsylvania Tradition

by Jeff Knapp

This year, don’t miss out on fall turkey hunting, a great Pennsylvania outdoors tradition. Fall turkey hunting is one of Pennsylvania’s great… more »


10 Best Trail Camera Features to Look for When Buying

by Tony J. Peterson

Many hunters consider trail cameras to be simple devices with which we can capture some pictures of deer. This mindset… more »