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American in Africa: Stateside Gear in the Dark Continent

by John Geiger

Game & Fish Magazines Editor in Chief John Geiger took America gear and strategies on a big-game hunt last year… more »

go-to bass baits

Go-To Bass Baits of the Pros: Brent Ehrler, Wesley Strader

by Game & Fish Staff

Major League Fishing professionals Brent Ehrler and Wesley Strader rely on these go-to baits for new fisheries. By Joel Shangle Major… more »

hurricane irma

Florida Fishing In Great Shape Despite Hurricane Irma Damage

by Game & Fish Staff

Hurricane Irma devastated many areas in Florida, affecting homes, lives and fishing. However, the fishing is still great despite the… more »

Keith poche

10 Questions with Pro Bass Angler Keith Poche

by Game & Fish Staff

As a pro angler on the BASS Elite Series and in Major League Fishing, Keith Poche has to juggle home… more »

spring bass fishing

Top 5 Virginia Bass Waters in April

by Mark Fike

Want to find some great Virginia bass waters to start your fishing season? All the bass patterning and attention to fishing technique in… more »


How to Have Your Best 'Springer' Season Ever

by Dennis Dauble

Spring-run salmon, commonly known as “springers,” are arguably the most prized of all Pacific salmon, no matter whether your druthers… more »

arkansas master program

Massachusetts Transplant Dominates Arkansas Master Angler Awards

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Nobody has earned more Arkansas Master Angler awards than Roger Pyzocha.  Roger Pyzocha knows trophy fish — both as a… more »

wing dam walleyes

The Lowdown on Catching Wing Dam Walleyes

by M.D. Johnson

Follow the tips below to become an expert at fishing wing dam walleyes. Wing dams. To some anglers, they’re a… more »

invasive carp

Invasive Carp Challenge Finalists Compete for $500K

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Michigan is serious about keeping invasive carp out of the Great Lakes — a half-million dollars serious. The state-sponsored Great… more »

MLF Bass Pros

When You’re Fishing, You’re Actually Hunting, MLF Bass Pros Say

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Whether in the woods or in the water, animals and fish relate to seasonal patterns in much the same manner,… more »

California trout streams

Best California Trout Streams for Spring

by Cal Kellogg

If you haven’t fished these California trout streams yet, you are missing some great angling action. With help from my dad, I… more »

deep-brush crappie

Jig Fishing for Deep-Brush Crappie

by Terry Madewell

During the pre- and post-spawn, deep-brush crappie techniques are simple and deadly. Anglers can expand the spring crappie-catching season several… more »

inshore fishing

Bountiful Estuaries: Great Inshore Fishing on Gulf Coast

by John Felsher

Some of the best inshore fishing anywhere occurs on the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast, but it is especially good… more »

bass fishing tips

Quick Tip: Flipping Bass on the Head

by John Felsher

Bass fishing tips: Sometimes you gotta hit ‘em on the head to get their attention. When bass hunker down in… more »

Wisconsin walleyes

Get Ready for Wisconsin Walleyes; Target These Waters

by Ted Peck

The new season for Wisconsin walleyes will be upon us before we know it. Here are some excellent places to… more »

high country trout

Where to Find High Country Trout and What To Do

by D.H. Willis

Wyoming, Idaho and Montana offer some amazing high country trout angling options, and these are among the very best. Into the heart of… more »

suspending jerkbaits

Bass Fishing: Now Is Time for Suspending Jerkbaits

by Jeff Knapp

Suspending jerkbaits helps you cover more water and attract more strikes from bass. Suspending jerkbaits, such as Rapala’s X-Rap, Lucky… more »

turkey decoy

4 Tips For Turkey Decoy Success

by Scott Haugen

From placement to attention to detail here are four great turkey decoy tips that might help you bag a tom… more »

48th bassmaster classic

Jordan Lee Goes Back-to-Back, Defends Bassmaster Classic Title

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Alabama pro Jordan Lee rallied on the final day of competition Sunday to defend his championship at the 48th Bassmaster… more »

pro bass tips

Best Fishing Tips Ever from 48th Bassmaster Classic Pros

by Game & Fish Online Staff

Pros competing in the 48th Bassmaster Classic offered their top tips to help “weekend anglers” catch more bass. By David Johnson… more »