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If ducks regularly settle on a certain stretch of water along a creek or river bank, you can stalk your way up to them for a shot. If you can control your dog, take him along too! Photo by Stephen D. Carpenteri.

Jump-Shooting Ducks

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Long before pit blinds, motorized decoys and flagging became en vogue for waterfowling, experienced jump-shooters could turn a bluebird day… more »


Three Ways To Crank Up Fall Bass Fishing

by Rod Hunter 2

MAN-MADE RESERVOIRS Man-made impoundments can be classified into two basic types — highland and lowland. The former are characterized by… more »


More On Mid-Atlantic Deer Hunting

by admin 0

Sportsmen in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey now enjoy more opportunities — Sunday hunting, unlimited anterless bag limits and the opening of areas once off-limits to deer hunting. (December 2008)


Mid-Atlantic Fall Turkeys

by Bob Brunisholz 0

The short autumn season allows avid turkey enthusiasts one last shot at bagging one of these big game birds until next spring. Here are prime places to try in New Jersey and Maryland! (November 2007)


New Jersey’s Pine Barrens Deer

by Brian Scott 0

The vast acreage of the Pine Barrens provides myriad opportunities to find white-tailed deer on less-crowded public lands. Here’s where you should try. (August 2007)


New Jersey’s Winter Season Trophy Buck

by admin 2

Taxidermist Carl Osterlund finally bags his buck of a lifetime by downing the (unofficially) biggest deer of the winter bow season last January. Here’s what happened!

New Jersey Bass Fishing

Top New Jersey Bass Fishing Lakes

by J.B. Kasper 1

From Round Valley to Union Lake, plus three other picks, here are the top New Jersey bass fishing lakes. Is… more »

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