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The author and his beagle, Stink, tracked down this pair of cottontails. Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Beagling Rabbits

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 3

The first thing a novice rabbit hunter must understand is that beagling is a team sport. While in training the… more »


8 Late-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 3

I have stumbled many a time during the last 50 years that I have been in the woods and I… more »


Last-Minute Sportsman Gift Ideas

by Staff Report 1

The holidays are upon us, and if you have friends or family who love hunting and fishing, now is the… more »

Large rivers hold large aggregations of mallards. Hunting them successfully requires realistic decoys -- and lots of them. Photo by Mike Marsh.

Tips & Tactics For Hunting Mallards

by Mike Marsh 2

While we scouting a natural lake that was far off the beaten path, my son Justin heard something that caught… more »

The author packs out a buck sporting 12 long points. Jay killed the mature buck well past opening day's excitement.  Photo by Jay Langston.

7 Late-Season Deer Tactics

by Jay Langston 6

Opening day of deer season is an event. As the first rays of light climb toward the horizon, shots ring… more »


Reader’s Whitetail Photos

by Game & Fish Staff 7

Whitetail deer hunting is in full swing across the U.S. and hunters big and small are finding success afield. Here’s… more »


Spin-Fishing With Flies

by Jeff Samsel 4

The whipping was undeniable. It seemed my fly-rod-wielding buddy was engaged with another trout every time I gave him a… more »

photo by Mike Gnatkowski

Using Sleeper Goose Decoys

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

To me, few things are more satisfying than enjoying a big meal, kicking back in my favorite over-stuffed chair and… more »

If ducks regularly settle on a certain stretch of water along a creek or river bank, you can stalk your way up to them for a shot. If you can control your dog, take him along too! Photo by Stephen D. Carpenteri.

Jump-Shooting Ducks

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Long before pit blinds, motorized decoys and flagging became en vogue for waterfowling, experienced jump-shooters could turn a bluebird day… more »


Three Ways To Crank Up Fall Bass Fishing

by Rod Hunter 2

MAN-MADE RESERVOIRS Man-made impoundments can be classified into two basic types — highland and lowland. The former are characterized by… more »

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