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Bass, Bass Fishing, Lunkers, Trophy Bass

Top Places for Bass Fishing in Delaware

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 1

From secret bass hotspots to tactics and gear, these are your best bets for bass fishing in Delaware.

Bream Fishing, Bream, Panfish, Bluegill, Bluegill Fishing

Your Best Spring Fishing in Delaware

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

From lakes to rivers to reservoirs and which species to target, these are your best bets for spring fishing in Delaware.

Gobbler, Turkey, Turkey Hunting, Hunting Turkey, Delaware Turkey Hunting

Delaware Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Bob Humphrey 0

If you’re looking to do some Delaware turkey hunting this spring, this is your one-stop shop for population numbers, harvest info, and hunting opportunities.

James D. Hitchens

Delaware Record Largemouth Caught and Released

by Dylan Polk 4

A Georgetown, Del., man caught a state record largemouth bass last week — and then let it go. According to… more »


Handgun Shooting Tips for Hunters

by Ken Freel 0

Firearms instructor Heath King of Bass Pro Shops’ main store in Springfield isn’t the kind of person who thinks outside… more »

New gear made for women helped author Becky Lou Lacock take this tom. She hunted with Joe Coogan of Benelli. Photo courtesy of Becky Lou Lacock.

Hunting Gear Options For Women

by Becky Lou Lacock 4

Camo cut for women was once as rare as hens’ teeth. Now options abound for women hunters. Here are one huntress’ favorites.


Choosing And Using The Right Coyote Calls

by Pete Rogers 14

You have to change your tune when hunting educated coyotes that have heard it all.


Successful Pheasant Hunting Strategies

by Mike Gnatkowski 4

Ever look at a pheasant’s ears? Not the feathery ears on the top of their heads, but the ears they… more »


Two-Rod Ice Fishing Strategies

by Jeff Samsel 0

When you’re fishing through the ice, utilizing two rods can be more than twice as nice and can help you catch far more fish.


Decoy Set-Ups For River Waterfowl

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

In cold weather, the only open water available for ducks and geese are rivers
and streams. Here’s how to fool them with simple set-ups that work!

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