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Reader Debate: Michigan Wolf Hunting Continues Despite Midterm Election Results

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  November 7th, 2014 1


For sportsmen in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi, the results from this week’s midterm elections reflected a resounding sentiment: protect our rights to hunt.

Voters put Republicans back in majority control of Congress Tuesday, setting a positive stage for what will be a battleground for gun owner rights in the 2016 elections. Voters also weighed in on several important state ballot initiatives directly concerning hunter rights, one of which involved wolf hunting in Michigan.

Anti-hunting group “Keep Michigan Wolves Protected,” financed by the Humane Society of the United States, proposed a veto referendum, known as Proposal 1, which would overturn the state’s decision to designate a wolf-hunting season if voted into effect.

Though the 55 percent “no” vote defeated the original Michigan Wolf Hunting Referendum permitting the hunts, the result was moot as Public Act 21, established in May 2013, supersedes the initiative and guarantees the future of wolf hunting regardless.


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Consequently, the midterm results in Michigan gave antis a win, but a win where nothing was won. The ballot was essentially little more than a public poll, and a confusing one where “no” meant “yes” and “yes” meant “no.” Because of the issue’s convoluted delivery at the ballot box, where voters had a challenging time deciding what they were voting for, it’s difficult to even determine where the majority of Michiganders stand on the issue.

Where do you stand on the matter of wolf hunting in Michigan? Share your position in our comments section below. 

For more information on what the 2014 midterm election results mean for hunting and 2nd Amendment rights, click here to read Frank Miniter’s article “How the 2014 Midterm Elections Affect Gun Owners and Sportsmen” from Guns & Ammo.

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