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Ticked Off: What You Need to Know About Ticks and Lyme Disease

by David Hart   |  May 9th, 2014 3

Did you know May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month? Of course you didn’t. Every month is Lyme and tick awareness month for a hunter. Although the little bloodsuckers are active mostly during the warmer months, it’s not out of the question to pick up a parasite any time the temperature rises above 45 degrees. That means turkey hunters and early-season bowhunters in particular are at high risk for tick bites.


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Most bites are harmless annoyances that leave an itchy red mark after we pull the tick off. Others can lead to a debilitating illness or even death. More than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease were reported to the Centers for Disease Control in 2012, a record that will likely be broken in coming years. At least 10 deaths were attributed to Lyme disease in Massachusetts alone in 2012.

Know your ticks and learn how to avoid Lyme disease. What better way to celebrate Lyme disease awareness month.

  • Bear

    Would like to have had much more definitive information, maybe pics fo different kinds of ticks, etc., etc.

  • sprucejack

    Ok, yep, there are ticks out there! Now what do we do to avoid them or keep them from biting when we go afield? What do the nasty one’s look like? This article needs more info or a follow-up with real and useful info.


    I had what seemed to be a boil on my back behind my armpit. When I squeezed it out came a very small deer tick (or black legged tick). Then a bull-eye target appeared over the bite then a rash above that. I went to the Dr. and it was diagnosed as “Early Lime Disease.” They can treat it with anti-biotic for 20 days. Then they tested it twice but the tests are only about 50% accurate most of the time. Also these ticks often carry other diseases and parasites on them. The deer and other animals carry them then they rub off on leaves and grasses. Some are the size of this period ……. (nymph stage) Apparently that is what I had and it grew to being a small tick. So my advice after being out in the woods shower REALLY good! The Lyme is really really bad disease not only does it usually leave you totally exhausted their are many other diseases it mimics like arthritis, etc.. They Lyme can even led to cancer and many other diseases…….there are many directions it can go. Also the treatment is very controversial! There are very few great Lyme Dr.’s and the insurance doesn’t cover it. There is a great spray the Army uses, that I now use on my clothes and children and grandkids clothes. My yard which adjoins a woods is loaded with them. I am trying my second spray tomorrow and a “deer away” product. I took down an early season doe last year it was totally covered with these ticks tiny to large size”from hell.” Well hope this helps someone I don’t usually comment but this is a very serious matter and getting very little attention.

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