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Most Popular Stories: TV Poachers, 2017 Fishing, Record Catfish

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 20th, 2017 0

Here are the 10 most popular stories from Game & Fish during the past week


TV show hunters Jimmy Duncan and Ricky Mills (“Hunting in the Sticks”) pleaded guilty to elk poaching in Wyoming, (“Hunting in the Sticks” images)

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2017 Eastern Bass Forecast

G&F’s fishing forecasts score well with readers. (File photo)

This past week, G&F told you about TV show hosts who pleaded guilty to poaching elk, catfish world records and 2017 fishing forecasts.

The Top 10 list below is based on reader visits on last week.

G&F’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories

November Catfish Image

Catfish stories craw year-round interest from G&F readers. (File photo)

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