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Whitetail Deer Hunting: Own the Rut With a Great Food Plot

by Dr. James C Kroll 1

You have to supply the perfect landscape elements for both bucks and does. This will make your land the ultimate whitetail deer hunting breeding ground during the rut.

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How to Manage Small Food Plots for Monster Bucks

by Bill Winke 0

Managing your small food plots during the rut for this seasons Monster Bucks.


Top 5 Affordable Binoculars Under $400

by J. Guthrie 0

Finding a decent pair of binoculars¬†without spending a fortune used to be tough to do, but not any more. New… more »


4 Ways to Pattern Monster Bucks with Trail Cameras

by Bill Winke 4

During the past two seasons, I have had great success patterning and, ultimately, killing mature bucks. I never would have… more »


A Mountain State Monster-Roger Maynard Buck

by Jeff Knapp 0

The rugged hills of southern West Virginia produce mature, trophy class whitetail bucks. They also turn out a breed of… more »

Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Crossbow Hunting Whitetails

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Most compound bowhunters and a few traditional archers still feel threatened by the increasing popularity of modern crossbows. Despite their… more »


5 Steps To 15 More Yards of Effective Bow Range

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Here’s a plan to effectively and ethically extend your effective bow range on opening day.


Understanding Rifle Reticles

by Todd Hodnett 0

Those lines in your scope are often the last thing on your mind when you are getting set up for long-range shooting. But your reticles are actually where the rubber meets the road. Pick the right configuration for your long-range shooting.

Drone Remote Surveillance System

Drone Brings Trail Cam Photos to You

by John Geiger 1

Have you heard about this Drone Remote Surveillance trail cam system? I had the chance to sit down with Doug… more »

One of the biggest improvements in riflescopes is the move to fully multi-coated glass. That means every piece of glass -- inside and out -- the scope is optimized with anti-reflective material, such as magnesium flouride, to increase the amount of light transmitted through each lense. In some scopes there might be 10 lenses, said Jon LaCorte of Nikon. Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

How Hunting Optics Have Improved

by Doug Howlett 1

Modern optics are light-years from the standards of just 10 or 20 years ago.
Today’s hunters have it made. But if you miss, there’s one less thing to blame it on.

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