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Wisconsin Deer Rub

Wisconsin Deer Forecast for 2016

by Kevin Naze 0

Wisconsin deer hunters could see their best season in at least five years after back-to-back mild winters and lower antlerless… more »

Wisconsin Fishing 2016

Wisconsin Family Fishing Destinations for 2016

by Dan Small 0

Every summer when I was a boy, our family used to pack the old Chevy sedan, hitch it to our… more »

Wisconsin Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bass Forecast for 2016

by Jeff Samsel 0

As a plastic frog nears a gap in the lily pads, anticipation rises. Sudden and violent, strikes on frogs throw… more »

Wisconsin Turkey Forecast for 2016

by Dan Small 0

Wisconsin’s wild turkey program is the state’s best wildlife management success story of the past 40 years. When our Department… more »


Wisconsin 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Ted Peck 0

Avid Wisconsin anglers can’t help feeling like a blind dog in a meat market. With so many options, where should… more »

Wisconsin has produced more record book entries than any other state. The Badger State has a huge population of deer and about 900,000 hunters who take to the forests and fields each fall in pursuit of them. Adam Hupf is one of them and the buck you see here is the second giant of this caliber he has taken. Wisconsin’s public lands are crowded, but the habitat over much of the state is perfect for producing big bucks. 2015 should be another banner year for the state.

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Wisconsin

by Kevin Naze 0

If wrapping your hands around a pair of thick antler bases, sweeping up tall tines, and counting points is on… more »


Wisconsin Deer Forecast for 2015

by Kevin Naze 2

One of the beautiful things about Wisconsin deer hunting is the fact there’s something for everyone. Want to increase your… more »


Wisconsin Legislature Tries To Persuade Hunters To Wear Pink Attire

by Chris Schneider 3

If you had the choice between wearing blaze orange or blaze pink to the deer stand this season, which one… more »

Wisconsin Turkey Forecast for 2015

by Dan Small 0

The wild turkey is one tough bird. The last two Wisconsin winters have been among the nastiest on record, and… more »

Ron Barefield caught this hefty northern pike while fishing near Spooner. Also look to Lake Onalaska and the Mississippi River to produce good catches of pike this year.

Wisconsin 2015 Fishing Calendar

by Ted Peck 0

Clients who jump into my Lund Alaskan guide boat for the first time often ask me which fish is my… more »

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