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Hinz Buck WI

2017 Wisconsin Trophy Bucks

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Badger State bucks have dominated the national record books for more than 75 years. Pick a category and a Wisconsin… more »

Lake Michigan waterfowl

Open-Water Layout Hunting for Lake Michigan Waterfowl

by Dan Small 0

If you have not tried this type of waterfowling on our big waters, here’s your chance to get started. Leaden… more »

grouse hunting

The Public Side of Wisconsin Grouse Hunting

by Dan Small 0

Not all the best grouse hunting is found on private property. Here are some great places to hunt on land… more »

2017 Ohio Deer Forecast Feature

2017 Midwest Deer Forecast

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

No matter where you’re hunting in the Midwest, you can find the latest state analysis and where-to-go hotspots in our… more »

2017 Wisconsin Deer Forecast Feature

2017 Wisconsin Deer Forecast

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

The HARVEST numbers are in and all indications are that Wisconsin’s deer hunters can expect another banner year in 2017…. more »


Walleyes of the October Moon

by Tom Carpenter 0

That so-called “hunter’s moon” doesn’t affect just wildlife. Here’s how to use it to improve your fishing for walleyes. It… more »

early teal

7 Early Teal Hunting Hotspots

by Lynn Burkhead 0

As blue-winged teal — and a few greenwings — make their way down south in September, here are seven early teal… more »

Wisconsin deer hunting

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Update 2017

by Dan Small 0

During the past few years, there have been numerous changes in Wisconsin deer hunting regulations. Here’s where we stand now…. more »

March fishing in Pennsylvania

September Slabs: Fall Crappie Tactics in Dairy State

by Ted Peck 0

Get ready to get after Wisconsin fall crappie as they move from deep to shallow water. By Ted Peck Trees across… more »


Grouse Hunting: Make It Worth the Walk

by Frank Miniter 0

The classic paintings of gentlemen hunting ruffed grouse are wonderfully nostalgic, but also amusing to anyone who actually hunts grouse…. more »

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