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Missouri Catfish Forecast Feature

2018 Missouri Catfish Forecast

by Tony Kalna Jr. 0

There’s nothing like spending a lazy summer day sitting on a bank or in a boat fishing for catfish. A… more »

OH Catfish Outlook Forecast Feature

2018 Ohio Catfish Forecast

by Dan Armitage 0

“There are great catfishing opportunities throughout the state,” noted Richard Zweifel, the acting Inland Fisheries Program Administrator for the Ohio… more »

IN Catfish Forecast Feature

2018 Indiana Catfish Forecast

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

  By Tom Berg Now that summer is upon us, many Indiana catfish fishermen are likely to hit the water…. more »

muskie fishing

Muskie Fishing Secrets from Minnesota

by Tom Carpenter 0

This Minnesota muskie fishing guide’s secrets can help you bring more muskies to the net, regardless of where you fish…. more »

Missouri state record

On a Hot Streak: 4th Missouri State Record Eclipsed

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Michael Williams’ bowfished yellow bullhead is the latest Missouri state record. State fishing records are falling at a fast rate… more »

Iowa Catfish Forecast

2018 Iowa Catfish Forecast

by Dan Anderson 0

June in Iowa — a time when catfish focus on reproduction, and catfish anglers focus on catching as many catfish… more »

Great Plains Catfish Feature

2018 Great Plains Catfish Forecast

by Paul Moore 0

Diehard catfish anglers fish all year long and enjoy good success even through wintertime in some locations. But the majority… more »

spring bass

Indiana’s Top 5 Lakes for Big Spring Bass

by Game & Fish Staff 0

Five destinations where you can hook bragging-sized spring bass. By Tom Berg Bass fishermen are a very diverse group. Some… more »

smallmouth bass

Wisconsin Bass Fishing Hotspots This Spring

by Game & Fish Staff 0

For some great Wisconsin bass fishing this time of year, check out these top locations for smallmouths and largemouths. By… more »

state records

State Fishing Records: Blue Sucker, Lake Whitefish Marks Fall

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Recent state fishing records were reported in Missouri and Indiana for new species and angling method categories. Record-breaking angling isn’t… more »

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