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duck hunting

Ohio’s Best Duck Hunting 2017

by Dan Armitage 0

Here’s a look at where the best goose and duck hunting is located in the Buckeye State each fall. As with the… more »

Midwestern Trophy Buck Header

Midwestern Trophy Bucks

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

The network of Game & Fish Magazine writers fanned out across the region to find the most impressive scored bucks… more »

Hinz Buck WI

2017 Wisconsin Trophy Bucks

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 0

Badger State bucks have dominated the national record books for more than 75 years. Pick a category and a Wisconsin… more »

Hubbard Buck MN

2017 Minnesota Trophy Bucks

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

About a half-million hunters every fall don blaze orange or camouflage (or blaze pink — a new option this fall… more »

Brian Arny Buck MI

2017 Michigan Trophy Bucks

by Richard Smith 0

As usual, some monster bucks hit the ground in Michigan during the November firearms deer season. And, not surprisingly, most… more »

Kisamore Buck OH

2017 Ohio Trophy Bucks

by Dan Armitage 0

The eleventh month is a famous one for producing trophy bucks each year in Ohio, and the 2016 season was no… more »

Parker Simes Buck IL

2017 Illinois Trophy Bucks

by Alan Garbers 0

Illinois is famous for massive whitetail bucks, and hunters in every county have an opportunity to tag a true monster… more »

Greg Davis Buck IN

2017 Indiana Trophy Bucks

by Alan Garbers 0

Indiana has massive whitetail bucks, and every county in our state holds the potential to grow true monsters. The first… more »

Larry Stanley Buck IA

2017 Iowa Trophy Bucks

by Ben Leal 0

Last month, we looked at the overall picture for deer hunting in Iowa for the previous year as well where… more »

Hirschbeck Buck GP

2017 Great Plains Trophy Bucks

by D.H. Willis 0

One of the trends seen in the world of deer hunting in the past few decades has been the increase… more »

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