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Forecasts Hunting Turkey

Ohio Turkey Hunting Forecast for 2014

by Stephen D. Carpenteri   |  March 11th, 2014 0
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Ron Less with Dan Deluca, of Medina County Ohio, shot this great tom during the past turkey season.

High numbers of birds in recent years, as reflected in the 2013 spring harvest increase, followed by favorable nesting conditions mean there will be plenty of birds to challenge when the season opens this month. Here’s where to go Ohio turkey hunting on public land in 2014.

Last year’s successful spring turkey-hunting season in Ohio bodes well for hunters seeking a trophy tom in 2014. More than 18,000 bearded turkeys were taken during the spring 2013 hunt, with increases shown in 50 counties.

As might be expected, most of the action took place in the eastern and southern portions of the state, where prime turkey habitat abounds. However, longbeards were taken in every county in the state, which is good news for hunters looking for hot action close to home.

It’s not so much a question of where you hunt as how well you hunt the areas you select. The birds are out there for the taking, and the hunters who show up prepared for the challenge will ultimately win the day.

Successful turkey hunting includes roosting birds at sunset and then being there before dawn the next morning with calls, decoys and a fly-down strategy that can’t be beat. The experts often make it look easy, but make no mistake, you will earn every bird you tag.

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