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Bass Fishing Forecasts

Top Places for Bass Fishing in Missouri

by Doug Smith   |  April 4th, 2014 0

People who grow up fishing in Missouri often follow a pattern of behavior similar to those who grow up hunting in the Midwest. If you hunt you often start learning to stalk and shoot squirrels and maybe rabbits. Then you progress to turkeys and finally deer. While you might occasionally go elsewhere to hunt elk or bear, most hunters tend to stick with deer and rarely resort back to hunting squirrels.

Anglers follow a similar path. Often they will grow up catching panfish in a small creek, farm pond or municipal lake in a park. Then they might move on to learning how to catch catfish, crappie or bass. A few will develop an affinity for trout angling or travel elsewhere to enjoy deep-sea fishing on occasion. But the mainstay will be bass.

Here’s what to expect for bass fishing in Missouri.

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