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Michigan 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

The best day to go fishing is any day you can get out there on the water! That much we… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Michigan

by Richard Smith 0

If you want to boost your chances of collecting venison this fall, go bowhunting during the last days of October… more »


Michigan Smallmouth Bass Record Broken

by Chris Schneider 0

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) goes by many nicknames—smallie, bronzeback, brownie, and brown bass, to name a few. Many anglers… more »


Michigan Deer Forecast for 2015

by Richard Smith 0

Our state’s southernmost counties offer the best bets for deer hunters who want to bag bucks with both bragging-sized antlers… more »

Photo courtesy of Michigan DNR.

Michigan Angler Catches Freshwater Drum State Record

by Chris Schneider 0

When it comes to invasive fish species, the freshwater drum might not come to mind or turn any heads, but… more »

What impact did last winter’s severe weather have on our turkeys, and how will that affect this year’s hunting? Here are some answers.

Michigan Turkey Forecast for 2015

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Cold, snowy winters and damp springs are two of the major factors limiting turkey populations in Michigan. With the nasty… more »


Michigan Bass Forecast for 2015

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

If you’re a Michigan bass angler there probably hasn’t been a better time to practice our sport. Bass numbers are… more »

Michigan anglers enjoy many places and opportunities year ’round to fish for their favorite target, the walleye.

Michigan 2015 Fishing Calendar

by Tracy Breen 0

When it comes to states offering a variety of fishing opportunities, Michigan has to be right at the top of… more »


The Michigan Mission: A Sportsman’s Quest for 5 Species in 72 Hours

by Charlie Puckett 0

In 1492, an ambitious emissary of the Spanish Crown set sail across the Atlantic on what was described as a… more »


Reader Debate: Michigan Wolf Hunting Continues Despite Midterm Election Results

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

For sportsmen in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi, the results from this week’s midterm elections reflected a resounding sentiment:… more »

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