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Top Places for Bass Fishing in Iowa

by Tim Ackarman   |  April 4th, 2014 0
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Photo By Tim Ackarman

Here are your best bets for bass fishing in Iowa in 2014.


The lakes offer a solid fishery for smallmouth bass as well as an underrated largemouth population. “We’ve really seen some fantastic bass fishing in the past few years for both largemouth and smallmouth,” Hawkins said.East and West Okoboji and Spirit Lakes, a.k.a. the Iowa Great Lakes, in Dickinson County, offer a combined 11,366 acres of aquatic diversity. “We have over 40 species of fish in the Iowa Great Lakes,” noted Biologist Mike Hawkins.

West Okoboji is a steady producer, Hawkins said. “There’s excellent size structure on the smallmouth, with the bulk ranging from 14 to 19 inches. There are largemouth up to 22 inches, with large numbers in the 14- to 19-inch range and lots of smaller ones as well.”

“The West Okoboji bite is definitely strong,” said Clear Lake guide Kevan Paul (, who frequents the Iowa Great Lakes. Paul fishes leaches under slip-bobbers over rocky habitat in early spring, catching multiple species. Crankbaits or jigs worked over rockpiles are also effective.

Paul said most large points hold fish, particularly Ranger’s Point. “When the fish start spawning, you can go there and catch fish any day of the week.”

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