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Iowa panfish

Pass On the Passion for Iowa Panfish

by Ben Leal 0

Take someone fishing, young or old, and introduce them to the fast and furious fun in catching Iowa panfish. No… more »

Iowa Catfish Forecast

2018 Iowa Catfish Forecast

by Dan Anderson 0

June in Iowa — a time when catfish focus on reproduction, and catfish anglers focus on catching as many catfish… more »

IA Family Fishing Feature Image

2018 Iowa Family Fishing Destinations

by Dan Anderson 0

Whether your family’s idea of the perfect fishing trip includes amusement parks, luxury accommodations and fine dining, or focuses on… more »

Iowa bass fishing

Iowa Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Dan Anderson 0

Some of the best Iowa bass fishing can be found at these locations. The names of certain lakes in Iowa… more »

IA Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Iowa Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Ben Leal 0

Spring in Iowa … a time when nature awakens from a long winter’s nap. Trees and the surrounding wooded areas… more »

crappie fishing

Iowa Crappie Fishing Outlook 2018

by Ben Leal 0

Iowa crappie fishing action is heating up, and these are among the best waters statewide. Crappie will soon begin to… more »

IA Fishing Calendar Feature

2018 Iowa Fishing Calendar

by Dan Anderson 0

JANUARY – Bluegills: West Lake Okoboji “The bite for huge bluegills and yellow bass (at West Okoboji) was nonstop all summer,”… more »

midwinter fishing in Iowa

Best Midwinter Fishing in Iowa: Walleye, Urban Trout, More

by Dan Anderson 0

Midwinter fishing in Iowa ranges from hot ice-fishing locales to open-water trout. It’s midwinter, when many of Iowa’s anglers flop up… more »

IA Vacation Lodge 2

Best Vacation Lodges In Iowa

by Dan Anderson 0

Maybe you and your hunting buddies need a base of operations for a week of serious Iowa deer, pheasant or… more »

Iowa whitetails

Where to Go for Last-Chance Iowa Whitetails

by M.D. Johnson 0

There are still good opportunities available for Iowa whitetails if you’re trying to fill a tag. New Year’s Day, and… more »

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