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Illinois public land deer

Illinois Public Land Deer Hotspots for 2018

by Don Gasaway 0

Discovering these Illinois public land deer hunting hotspots requires careful considerations — primarily, available deer food, deer shelter and sanctuary… more »

state record

New State Records in Illinois: Shortnose Gar, Freshwater Drum

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Illinois has two new state records, according to social media postings by the state fisheries agency. The Illinois Department of… more »

lake trout

Catch Lake Michigan Lake Trout Now

by Jerry Pabst 0

If you can’t fill your cooler with lake trout using this information, consider taking up golf, tennis, spectator sports.… An… more »

IL Catfish Forecast Feature

2018 Illinois Catfish Forecast

by Curt Hicken 0

When it comes to catching catfish, Illinois anglers are blessed with countless locations for good fishing action. Ranging from the… more »

IL Family Fishing Feature Image

2018 Illinois Family Fishing Destinations

by Carolee Boyles 0

The Prairie State, even in the early days, has always been scenically challenged. No mountains rise majestically over the Illinois… more »

Northern Plains bass fishing

Illinois Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Don Gasaway 0

Perhaps a key to successful Illinois bass fishing is to go where the bass go. Location, location, location. Although all… more »

IL Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Illinois Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Curt Hicken 0

Starting with the April 10, 2018, North Zone season opener, turkey hunting will be officially under way throughout Illinois. As… more »

illinois crappie fishing

2018 Illinois Crappie Fishing Outlook

by Don Gasaway 0

Illinois crappie fishing heats up with the temps, and these waters are among the best in the state. Perhaps the… more »

crappie fishing

The Best March Fishing in Illinois

by Paul Moore 0

March fishing in Illinois: It’s a good time to catch bass, catfish, crappies and more at these waters. The month… more »

IL Fishing Calendar Feature

2018 Illinois Fishing Calendar

by Paul Moore 0

JANUARY – Bluegills: Fox Chain O’ Lakes This is one of the best spots in the state for pulling a few… more »

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