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2017 Illinois Bass Forecast

2017 Illinois Top Bass Fishing Spots

by Don Gasaway 0

Sound fishery management by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has resulted in great largemouth bass fishing opportunities in the… more »

Illinois crappie fishing

2017 Illinois Crappie Fishing Forecast

by Don Gasaway 0

There is more to Illinois crappie fishing than putting meat on the table. It is the seeing of a float… more »

IL Fishing Forecast Feature

2017 Illinois Fishing Forecast

by Paul Moore 0

Here in the Prairie State, we are very fortunate to have year-round fishing opportunities. Even through winter we have great… more »

Great Illinois Buck

Illinois Deer Forecast for 2016

by Alan Garbers 0

For millennia the turning of the leaves, the flight of waterfowl and the bite of frost has turned our minds… more »


Illinois Family Fishing Destinations for 2016

by Jerry Pabst 0

One of the toughest challenges of modern parenting is convincing the offspring that there is a whole new world out… more »

Illinois Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing in Ilinois

Illinois Bass Forecast for 2016

by Paul Moore 0

In years past, fisheries fluctuated greatly and it was not a given that a trip to the local water hole… more »

Turkey Hunting in Illinois

Illinois Turkey Forecast for 2016

by Curt Hicken 0

When it comes to turkey hunting, everything can change in mere minutes. Still, you have to be at the right… more »


Illinois 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Paul Moore 0

Another year is upon us, and that means 12 months of great fishing. No matter the season or the section… more »


2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Illinois

by Jason Mitchell 1

Historically, Illinois ranks right near the top in regard to most measurable statistics for big-racked whitetail deer. It has a… more »


Angler Boats Potential Illinois State Record Catfish

by Chris Schneider 0

For years on end, die-hard fisherman head out to the lake hundreds of days each year, searching for that one… more »

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