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Catching Big Pike on Live Bait

Ohio 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Dan Armitage 0

Ohio’s waters include a Great Lake, inland lakes, small streams and big rivers. Not all fish in these waters bite… more »


Missouri 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

A wise man once said the best day to fish is any day you can go. That’s pretty simple logic…. more »


Minnesota 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

The best day to fish is any day you can go — simple as that! We are fortunate that good… more »


Indiana 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Thomas Berg 0

It’s winter in Indiana. This is the time of year that many Hoosiers sit inside and think about warmer weather… more »


Michigan 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Jeff Samsel 0

The best day to go fishing is any day you can get out there on the water! That much we… more »


Iowa 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Dan Anderson 0

Iowa offers great fishing opportunities every month of the year, in every corner of the state, for a variety of… more »


Wisconsin 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Ted Peck 0

Avid Wisconsin anglers can’t help feeling like a blind dog in a meat market. With so many options, where should… more »


Illinois 2016 Fishing Calendar

by Paul Moore 0

Another year is upon us, and that means 12 months of great fishing. No matter the season or the section… more »

Wisconsin has produced more record book entries than any other state. The Badger State has a huge population of deer and about 900,000 hunters who take to the forests and fields each fall in pursuit of them. Adam Hupf is one of them and the buck you see here is the second giant of this caliber he has taken. Wisconsin’s public lands are crowded, but the habitat over much of the state is perfect for producing big bucks. 2015 should be another banner year for the state.

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Wisconsin

by Kevin Naze 0

If wrapping your hands around a pair of thick antler bases, sweeping up tall tines, and counting points is on… more »

Ryan Dietsch and his 219-inch Ohio bruiser. Photo via North American Whitetail.

2015 Trophy Deer Forecast: Ohio

by Vicki Mountz 0

It’s the old case of Good News/Bad News. The good news is that you still have a far better chance… more »

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