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Last Chance Deer: How to Bag a Winter Whitetail

by Paul Moore 0

Paul Moore shares how an Illinois whitetail hunter can use the conditions of late winter to hunt to his or… more »


The Michigan Mission: A Sportsman’s Quest for 5 Species in 72 Hours

by Charlie Puckett 0

In 1492, an ambitious emissary of the Spanish Crown set sail across the Atlantic on what was described as a… more »


Reader Debate: Michigan Wolf Hunting Continues Despite Midterm Election Results

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

For sportsmen in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi, the results from this week’s midterm elections reflected a resounding sentiment:… more »

Case Stidham killed this nice buck on his Grandfather’s farm in Gallia County, in November of 2013.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Ohio

by Vicki Mountz 0

Jim Daugherty drives an hour each way to get to his office, mostly to keep from uprooting his family, but… more »

Trevor Awker and Shane Kazlausky both filled their tags with these nice bucks during rifle season 2013 in the Wood-ruff Arbor Vitae area.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Wisconsin

by Kevin Naze 0

Wisconsin hunters who are dreaming of squeezing the trigger on the buck of a lifetime this season should have a… more »

Hunter Dymond shot this nine pointer Sunday
night on our farm in Osage Beach, Mo., during youth season.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Missouri

by Tony Kalna Jr. 0

The opening weekend of Missouri’s firearms season in 2013 included extremely high winds, which in my estimation kept the deer… more »


Big Buck States for 2014: Minnesota

by Tom Carpenter 0

While most Minnesota deer hunters are happy enough just to bring home some venison, a rack for the wall is… more »

Chad Rohacs got this beast of a 10 point that dressed out at 248 pounds back in October 23rd, 2013 in Cass County.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Michigan

by Richard Smith 0

On opening morning of Michigan’s 2013 firearms deer season, Matt Westerbrink from Howard City waited anxiously in a popup ground… more »

Molly Mueller killed this nice, nine point buck on September 28th of 2014, during the youth deer hunt.   The buck field dressed at 213 pounds.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Indiana

by Alan Garbers 0

Have you heard? Indiana is a “sleeper” state, when it comes to hunting trophy white-tailed deer. What does that mean?… more »

Lane Babb, 16 shot this nice, 22 point buck in Edgar County during the 2012 season.

Best Big Buck States for 2014: Illinois

by Jason Mitchell 0

Last month, we broke Illinois down by county and reviewed overall deer harvest data. Counties with some of the highest… more »

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