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Illinois bass fishing

Illinois Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Don Gasaway 0

Perhaps a key to successful Illinois bass fishing is to go where the bass go. Location, location, location. Although all… more »

big bass

Win Money Catching a Big Bass at Lake of Ozarks

by John Neporadny Jr. 0

Lake of the Ozarks events offers prize money for big bass caught by local anglers. Midwest Fish Tournaments offers anglers… more »

Ohio bass fishing

Ohio Bass Fishing Outlook 2018

by Jeff Knapp 0

Some great largemouth and smallmouth fishing awaits Ohio bass fishing anglers this spring. April means springtime for Ohio folks, and… more »


Game Warden Stories: Multi-State Poaching, Boat Fib, Muddy River

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Wildlife officers face a myriad of incidents in the field — these Game Warden Stories range from the serious to… more »

Midwest Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Midwestern Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Spring has just about sprung and turkey hunters across the country are thinking about bagging a trophy tom this season…. more »

MI Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Michigan Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Michigan’s turkey story is typical of many parts of the country. Turkeys were nearly eradicated by unchecked harvest and logging,… more »

WI Turkey Hunting Outlook

2018 Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Dan Small 0

According to all indications, Wisconsin’s 2018 spring turkey season is shaping up to be another good one. Last year’s spring… more »

IN Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Indiana Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Vikki Trout 0

Every spring turkey hunter (myself included) is in a state of shock that we took 13,069 birds during the 2017… more »

MN Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Minnesota Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Tom Carpenter 0

My grandmother had a phrase, spoken in simple, colorful and direct terms like only a rural woman of the Midwest… more »

IL Turkey Hunting Outlook Feature

2018 Illinois Turkey Hunting Outlook

by Curt Hicken 0

Starting with the April 10, 2018, North Zone season opener, turkey hunting will be officially under way throughout Illinois. As… more »

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