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WVU Mountaineer Mascot Films Bear Hunt, Backlash Follows

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  December 6th, 2012 2

If you’re the one and only West Virginia Mountaineer mascot, you’ve got to do more than just look the part.

That couldn’t be more true for the official WVU human mascot, senior Jonathan Kimble, who released a YouTube video on December 3 that showed him taking down a bear with the official  school musket.

While Kimble probably made more than a few West Virginians and hunters proud, there has been a much-expected backlash online, including Barry Petchesky’s article on Deadspin in which he mockingly called it “the most West Virginia video ever.” Others have taken to social media outlets like Twitter to condemn Kimble for the hunt.

The YouTube video, which has since been taken down by the user but still appears on Deadspin’s website, shows Kimble in a camouflage WVU hoodie shooting a bear out of a tree with a musket while the WVU fight song plays in the background. After the bear falls, celebratory cries and the barking of hounds are heard as Kimble dances around with the musket.

As the incident made clear, the tension between hunters and radically vocal antis isn’t about to end any time soon. In the last year, we’ve seen anti-hunters slam Olympic athletes, chastise famous celebrities for legal hunts and bully Melissa Bachman off of a National Geographic TV show. In the end, though, you can’t really fault the main Mountaineer for acting like, well, a mountaineer.

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