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2017 Michigan Waterfowl Preview

2017 Michigan Waterfowl Preview

by Mike Gnatkowski 0

Growing up in Saginaw was the ideal situation if you liked to hunt waterfowl. Saginaw was smack dab in the… more »

duck commander hunt6_geiger

Making the Right [Duck] Calls With Duck Commander

by John Geiger 0

When ducks aren’t behaving, the “Duckmen” of Duck Commander take command. They identify them at a distance and sweet-talk them in… more »

Photo by Scott Haugen

Tips for Prime Time Bird Hunting

by Scott Haugen 0

It’s prime time for all-around bird hunting in the West. Make sure you’re ready. Rushing to beat nightfall, my dad… more »

early waterfowl

Early Waterfowl Action Tips in Missouri

by Jim Low 0

There’s plenty of action for Missouri early waterfowlers before autumn’s main events. Some Missouri waterfowl hunters are so inflexible, they… more »

waterfowl hot spots

Great Plains Waterfowl Hot Spots 2017

by Jerry Pabst 0

Here’s a look at waterfowl hot spots across Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas can expect this season, based on recent data…. more »

duck hunting

5 Early Season Targets for Duck Hunting

by Tom Carpenter 0

Minnesota’s waterfowlers will be duck hunting for these five species, and we know why. If there were just one kind… more »

waterfowl dogs

‘Steady to Shot’ Tips for Training Waterfowl Dogs

by M.D. Johnson 0

Teach your dog the cardinal rule for waterfowl dogs, and enforce it. Most things in life worth doing are not… more »

early teal

7 Early Teal Hunting Hotspots

by Lynn Burkhead 0

As blue-winged teal — and a few greenwings — make their way down south in September, here are seven early teal… more »

most popular stories

Duck Gear for 2017: Shotguns, Decoys, Blinds & More

by M.D. Johnson 0

Fully flocked mallard floaters. Eye-catching double reeds. Cold-weather waterproof vests. Low-profile skiffs built to get you where the ducks want… more »


Mallard Hunting: Bring Your A-Game

by M.D. Johnson 0

With some species, like wood ducks or teal, you can afford to get a little, well, sloppy. Your hide might… more »

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