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The Quest For Mallards

by M.D. Johnson 0

Certainly there are the mallard purists: ’fowlers for whom the thought of hanging anything other than a greenhead on their… more »

Killer Kayak Setup

Kayak Hunter’s Best Cover

by Mike Marsh 0

  Brad Biere has been hunting the Mississippi Flyway for about 12 years. The kayak hunter said he loved the… more »

Duck Hunting Tips

Duck Hunting Tips for Wary Waterfowl

by Eric Chaney 0

Everybody loves that first day of duck season. The birds haven’t been hunted, just about any decoy spread or call… more »

Goose Hunter

Better Goose Calling

by M.D. Johnson 0

Kentuckian Field Hudnall, owner of Field Proven Calls, knows how to talk to Canada geese. As a maker of some… more »

Duck Savvy Hunter

How To Fool Savvy Ducks

by John Gribb 0

Even though waterfowl seasons are just getting started through the Southeast in November, most migratory ducks have heard lots of… more »

Duck Hunting

5 Proven Duck Hunting Strategies

by M.D. Johnson 0

When it comes to hunting, and whether your quarry is a bugling bull elk, a wide-racked whitetail, or a wary… more »

Mississippi Flyway Canada Goose

Forecasting the Mississippi Flyway

by P.J. Reilly 0

Federal biologists surveyed the waterfowl landscape and counted ponds and birds. That information, along with assessments of habitat conditions during… more »

Motion Decoy Retriever

Moving Violations: Using Motion Decoys

by Skip Knowles 0

Daybreak arrives over a small water puddler setup facing a fickle north wind, conditions cloudy with a little sheet ice… more »


Duck Dynasty: Interview with Jase Robertson

by Eric Conn 21

Duck Dynasty kicks off on The Outdoor Channel when one of the company’s clients needs a large order of duck… more »

How to Hunt Canada Geese in Winter

4 Canada Goose Hunting Tips for Winter

by Game & Fish Staff 0

It was over almost before it started. Hardly had I crawled into the Power Hunter and poured myself a cup… more »

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