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California Cougar Coyotes Hunting

Video: California Song Dog Scares off Mountain Lion

by Game & Fish Staff   |  July 17th, 2012 2

Cats and dogs often times don’t see eye to eye on matters, so it comes as no surprise to see this California coyote get yippy at a Golden State cougar who was near a jogging trail in Orange County, California. For the record, if anything was making that noise at me – coyote, wife or otherwise – I’d leave the area as well…check it out!

  • HabeneroGuy

    The government is making a decision to euthanize the cat, really?? Might as well outlaw all wildlife so there will never be another amazing video captured like this one!

  • james

    i agree with you hasbenero, humans are taking the land away from these animals

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