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desert. bird hunting

Top Desert Bird Hunts 2017

by John E. Phillips 0

If you’re searching for good bird hunting in Nevada and Utah, don’t overlook these opportunities. In many sections of Utah… more »


Pheasant Hunting: Strategies to Stop a Running Rooster

by Mark Kayser 0

Is there anything more frustrating while pheasant hunting than trying to hunt roosters that run instead of fly? You’d think being… more »


Grouse and Woodcock Hunting In New York

by Al Raychard 0

According to the New York Department of Conservation, sometime between Sept. 2 when the grouse season opens in northern New… more »

dove hunting

Expert Tips for Texas Doves

by Robert Sloan 0

Whether you hunt solo or go the social route, this Texas dove shooter has some tips that will put more… more »

pheasant dog1_md_johnson feature

How to Train a Top Pheasant Dog: Expert Advice

by M.D. Johnson 0

Three experts explain what they look for in a pheasant dog. By M.D. Johnson Based on our first three black… more »

dove hunting

September Opener: OK Dove Hunting Offers Variety

by Bob Bledsoe 0

No matter where in Oklahoma you want to go dove hunting, September was made for that kind of shooting. By Bob… more »

dove season

Improve Dove Odds With Timing, Practice, Shot Pattern

by John Felsher 0

You may be ready for the upcoming dove season, but consider these important tips to increase your odds. By John… more »

dove hunting mistakes

7 Dove Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Want to bag a limit this dove season? Then avoid these 7 dove hunting mistakes that can quickly short circuit a hunt…. more »

dove decoys

Decoying Doves: Bring Duck Tactics To Your Next Hunt

by John Felsher 0

Over the past few years, dove hunters have been using something once used exclusively by waterfowlers — decoys. By John… more »

hunting dog

Great Grouse Hunting Dog Breeds

by Brad Eden 0

A panel of experts weigh in on key characteristics of great grouse hunting dogs. By Brad Eden Stories about great ruffed… more »

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