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Wild Turkey Hunting: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  March 10th, 2017 0

Wild turkey hunters come to Game & Fish by the thousands every year to learn about bagging a tom.

turkey hunting tips-gear

In the heart of the fingerlakes of new York Steve Ferguson harvested his first longbeard with Larry Scofield — 23 pounds 10 1/2 inch beard 1 1/8 spurs. (Reader submitted image)

Whether it’s videos, top 10 lists or tips and tactics, wild turkey hunters have a need to know — especially with spring turkey hunting season right around the corner in most of the U.S. And we’re happy to oblige.

Check out the list of turkey hunting stories below, covering topics such as: best shot guns, tips on turkey calls and even how to (sort of) think like a gobbler.

Below is a one-stop database for wild turkey hunting.

G&F’s 10 Most Popular Wild Turkey Hunting Stories

(Based on reader traffic since Jan. 1, 2017)


Going Aggressive When Wild Turkey Hunting

There are many ways to hunt wild turkeys, some of which are more aggressive than just sitting against a tree and calling to birds. ...

turkey hunting tips-gear

Top Turkey Hunting Gear for 2017

You won’t be getting far without a turkey gun, calls and a decoy. Here is the latest turkey hunting gear for a successful 2017 season. ...

turkey hunting tips-turkey hunting

Gobblers on Google: Tech Tips for Turkey Hunting

Find the best turkey hunting spots before you ever step foot in the woods. ...


Wild Turkey Hunting Calls Made Easier

Here are a number of resources about wild turkey hunting that may help you find success this spring. ...

turkey hunting tips-turkey hunting

Technology has made some aspects of turkey scouting easier, but not the entire process. Maps are still useful, and there’s still the need for boots on the ground.


Waddell’s Tips for Hunting Henned-up Toms

After a successful hunt he volunteered to share his turkey hunting wisdom. ...

Turkey hunting in suburbs

Suburban Wild Turkey Hunting 101

Suburbia is creating a new grey area, with its own set of rules, including when it comes to hunting and recreation. ...


How to Read a Turkey's Body Language

They can see and hear well, and possess a supernatural sense that has baffled predators for years. ...


What Do Turkeys Eat?

Primarily, they dine on acorns, berries, dogwood, juniper, wild grapes, and a variety of available plant matter ...


Tough Weather Turkey Hunting Tips

In this game called turkey hunting, there are multiple variables that you can actually do something about. ...

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