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7 Gobbler Busting Turkey Guns Under $700

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  April 20th, 2015 0

The wild turkey is a species worth celebrating. Efforts from hunter-driven organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation have helped restore turkey populations across the U.S. Not only is this good for turkeys, it means that more and more hunters have an opportunity to head out into the woods each spring in search of a big gobbler.


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The rise in turkey populations has resulted in a new subcategory of shotguns. Thirty years ago there were very few dedicated turkey guns, and even those only offered a camo exterior and perhaps a larger chamber for more powerful loads. Things have changed since then.

Today, there are dozens of hardcore turkey guns that are purpose-built for putting that tom on the ground. Is it absolutely necessary to have one of these specialized guns to kill a turkey? No, but it certainly makes things easier, more comfortable and, in some cases, it increases your odds of success.

Many of today’s turkey guns have pistol grips for maximum stability, high-visibility fiber optic sights or optics, cavernous chambers that can accommodate even the heaviest magnum loads, and choke tubes that wring every usable yard out of your shot string.

There are a lot of guns from which to choose with a $700 budget, but these gobbler guns are our favorites if you’re on a budget.

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