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Matt Sheterom’s Medusa Buck

by Game & Fish Staff   |  November 15th, 2011 26

A true freak of nature and also a buck of a lifetime: Matt Sheterom’s Medusa Buck

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Matt Sheterom dropped a true monster buck in Franklin County, Ohio the first week of November using an Excalibur crossbow.

  • Dane

    This is sick!!!! Unbelievable!!! Congratulations Matt!!! (just a little jealous …)

  • @kerrymackey

    Wow… what a gorgeous buck Matt. Congratulations!!

    Pastor Kerry
    Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen

  • shootist

    A once in a lifetime buck. The deer management policies of the Ohio Division of Wildlife have improved the deer herd, and the odds of harvesting a record buck.

  • Jay

    What a brute! Congrats!

  • mike hilberath

    I'd love to see his daddy!!!!!! Congrats!

  • Donnie

    He's so big he's got stretch marks! Probably has a gold's gym t-shirt back home. Nice.

  • Randy

    I have no Words, Truely amazing

  • pAUL


  • Norman

    I bet he had MUSCLES in his scat!!! What a Moose. err, excuse me, I meant to say Buck. Congratulations.

  • Ralph,

    Congrats Matt. But I'm never going hunting again if there's animals out there like that.Hahahaha.

  • Judy Parietti

    Hope he bred a LOT of does!!!!

  • David Shepprt

    Super Buck !!!

  • mike

    great buck .happy for the hunter . sorry i am not a fan of the crossbow do not consider it a archers weapon

    • adecker44

      Mike – go read the entire story that was linked to (page four of the story) on…Matt had surgery on his Ulner nerve four weeks prior to shooting this buck. He had use of only one arm.

      He's actually a diehard bowhunter but couldn't use a bow under doctor's orders.

      If not for a crossbow "I'd be home sitting on my couch" is how he put it.

      • Ricky Turner

        What does it matter what he shot it with? I dont care if I had a machine gun in the woods if it was legal and I had the tag, I hope I would be screaming BIG BUCK DOWN! it is a legal way to hunt in Ohio with a crossbow, and obviously by the size of this deer it sure isnt hurting our deer population. Great Buck! Another big one for the buckeye state, I hope some of his offspring find there way to south west ohio I would sure apprieceate that. And if you are that concerned about him using another form of a BOW then why dont you use a real BOW and shoot a longbow? the guys would shoot longbow probably give the guys who shoot compound bows with all that letoff a hard time. We are all here for the same reason we love to hunt so dont try to rain on someones parade

      • Matt

        Thanks buddy and thanks for writing a great article and allowing me to thank all who are important to me in print. I am currently working hard in physical therapy and hope to be back with my compound this Fall, if not I will be a pround crossbow hunter enjoying the outdoors :)

    • Anonymous

      Do you really have to bash this guy because he he had to use a crossbow? I'd like to see you go find a buck that big and shoot it with anything. Then maybe it would make some sense to put down this crazy feat.

  • J Hart

    Matt, It would be interesting to see the sheds(drops) for the past three years. You'll have to build an addition to your house if you plan to hang this trophy. Congrats !

  • Liam…

    WoW! What kind of vehicle were you driving and how big was you spot light? KIDDING!!!

    Apparently I am not a very good deer hunter…the only time I see deer that big is when someone else kills one or when it's not deer season…

  • Chuck

    IS that the Hilliard Buck?

    • Matt

      No it is not



  • Lucas Yates

    Well I thought my 8,9,and 10 pointers was really nice now I'm ashamed I finally made the family Buckmaster!!!! Now I hope they don't have a DAMM COMPUTER LOL!!! CONGRATS!!!

  • Matt

    That is funny as sh*t

  • Matt

    Thanks for all of the great comments to all and your support. Matt

  • Lew

    great buck of a life time ! You guys who call yourself archery hunters but hate cross bows need to grow up boys. I have never hunted with anything but a Longbow or recurve sense 1964 but I say any legal Lonngbow,recurve, crossbow or compound bow is OK to hunt with if it is fair chase. Enjoy the hunt men and dont hurt the sport by acting like kids.

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