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Aporkalypse Now: Ted Nugent and Pig Man Go Airborne for Hogs

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  August 22nd, 2012 11

If you’re creating a recipe for an adrenaline-pumping good time, all you really need is Ted Nugent, a helicopter, a fully automatic machine gun and an endless supply of feral pigs.

In that case, look no further than the Sportsman Channel’s new Pigman: The Series, in which Uncle Ted takes to the air to help local hero Brian “Pig Man” Quaca eradicate the feral pig population in Texas. With mounted M-4 rifles that deliver 750 rounds a minute— affectionately referred to by Nugent as “pig whackers”—the traveling hoards of ruffian swine don’t stand a chance.

“The biggest question of the whole helicopter hunting show,” Quaca said, “is how do you get Uncle Ted to go hunting with you? First and foremost, you mention machine guns, helicopters, a lot of pigs, and an unlimited supply of ammunition. That’s all the invitation you need for Uncle Ted.”

As pig populations take their destructive warpath into suburban areas and wreak havoc to the tune of $1.5 billion annually in the U.S., Pig Man and Ted team up on this excellent adventure to help local landowners end the feral reign of terror. They also plan to donate a full supply of all-organic meat to local homeless shelters.

With their unique brand of high-octane aerial pig hunting, Ted and Quaca star in an episode of Pig Man: The Series you’ll never forget. Tune into the Sportsman Channel beginning August 26th at 10 pm ET and go along for the ride.

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