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Guns & Shooting Small Game Squirrels

Gun Review: .22-Caliber Umarex Octane Air Gun

by John Geiger   |  September 13th, 2013 2

If you owned an air gun as a kid and haven’t shot one in awhile, you’re going to appreciate them in a whole new way. When you’re hunting small game, like squirrel, you want the right gun for the job. We recently picked up a Umarex Octane and were impressed at the power and accuracy of this break-action .22-caliber air gun.

Photos by Ron Sinfelt


Have you tried the Umarex Octane yet? If so, share your experience with us in the comments section!

  • RoverSerton

    Any idea where I can buy one? Michigan prohibits the mailing of these.

    • Rousseau Welch

      Check you laws on suppressors, the law in MI has changed.

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