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Reader’s Whitetail Photos

by Game & Fish Staff   |  November 22nd, 2011 7

Whitetail deer hunting is in full swing across the U.S. and hunters big and small are finding success afield. Here’s proof!

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While hunting during Missouri's rifle season, Zach was able to drop the hammer on this incredible 15-point buck that green scored 209 1/8 inches net. A fantastic deer!

  • ted

    your so blessed to have been able to have the extra time ,money and everything else god supplied. this is a great day for your personal trophy deer. god bless and give thanks.

  • Leonard Wilkins

    That gives drop tines all new meaning— Great trophy that picture will make me keep passing medium bucks!!!

  • LJ Mac

    I would've passed on this deer for two reasons. 1) The tiny rack. 2) Piebald are rare and should be left alone.

    • Ken Bates

      Check out North American Whitetails web site. The picture there will give you a better picture of just how big this deer was, The deer wasn't a piebald, it was just a very old deer.

  • Dcog1000

    Well my mind is made up !!! 75% of these pic's are of people and bucks are from the mid west. I am packing up my truck and trailer and,,,,,,,MOVING TO KANSAS !!!

    • Ken Bates

      This deer was shot on Marylands Eastern Shore. 225 lbs. dressed out.

  • Roy

    Whats Kansas and Maryland got to do with Washington and Oregon hunting Magazine? I subscribe to this magazine to read about Mule deer and Blacktail hunts,fair chase and open country.Sitting in a plywood blind looking over a feeder is not my idea of fair chase.By the way whats in those blinds, microwaves and coffee pots?

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