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Outwit Winter Coyotes With These Savvy Varmint Tactics

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 2

In winter, coyotes are always hungry, always looking for their next meal. A well-choreographed sequence of calls presented from a… more »


Field Test: 3 New and Deadly Predator Guns for This Season

by Game & Fish Staff 0

One of the best times to pursue predators, specifically coyotes, is in late winter when the temperatures have dropped and… more »


Reader Debate: Michigan Wolf Hunting Continues Despite Midterm Election Results

by Game & Fish Online Staff 1

For sportsmen in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi, the results from this week’s midterm elections reflected a resounding sentiment:… more »


What Africa Can Teach You About Predator Hunting

by Richard Mann 1

I took a varmint call along on my first safari to South Africa almost 10 years ago. We tried it… more »


The Best New Shotguns for Predator Hunting

by Skip Knowles 0

Skip Knowles rounds up the best new shotguns for predator hunting in 2014.

Coyote Hunting, Coyotes, Hunt Coyote

Coyote Calling Tips for Hunting at Close Range

by Tim Lilley 0

That’s the best place to have any of the coyotes you expect to bag after winter closes in! These are coyote calling tips every hunter could use.

On Your Own Adventures - Wolf Hunting

Sportsman Channel Confronts Polarizing Issue of Wolf Management

by Game & Fish Online Staff 8

The Sportsman Channel is taking the wolf issue head-on with the first-ever televised wolf hunt in the lower 48, when “On Your Own Adventures” new two-part series airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel.


Video: California Song Dog Scares off Mountain Lion

by Game & Fish Staff 2

Cats and dogs often times don’t see eye to eye on matters, so it comes as no surprise to see… more »


Advanced Predator Calling

by Patrick Meitin 4

Predator calling is the perfect sport to pass the winter doldrums or even cut down on spring depredation on deer… more »


Downwind Dogs: Tactics for Defeating A Coyote’s Nose

by Gary Lewis 0

A coyote’s nose is one of nature’s wonders. Here’s how to prevent a coyote from smelling what you’ve got cooking.

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