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Reader Debate: Michigan Wolf Hunting Continues Despite Midterm Election Results

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

For sportsmen in Maine, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi, the results from this week’s midterm elections reflected a resounding sentiment:… more »


What Africa Can Teach You About Predator Hunting

by Richard Mann 1

I took a varmint call along on my first safari to South Africa almost 10 years ago. We tried it… more »


The Best New Shotguns for Predator Hunting in 2014

by Skip Knowles 0

Skip Knowles rounds up the best new shotguns for predator hunting in 2014.

Coyote Hunting, Coyotes, Hunt Coyote

Coyote Calling Tips for Hunting at Close Range

by Tim Lilley 0

That’s the best place to have any of the coyotes you expect to bag after winter closes in! These are coyote calling tips every hunter could use.

On Your Own Adventures - Wolf Hunting

Sportsman Channel Confronts Polarizing Issue of Wolf Management

by Game & Fish Online Staff 8

The Sportsman Channel is taking the wolf issue head-on with the first-ever televised wolf hunt in the lower 48, when “On Your Own Adventures” new two-part series airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel.


Video: California Song Dog Scares off Mountain Lion

by Game & Fish Staff 2

Cats and dogs often times don’t see eye to eye on matters, so it comes as no surprise to see… more »


Advanced Predator Calling

by Patrick Meitin 4

Predator calling is the perfect sport to pass the winter doldrums or even cut down on spring depredation on deer… more »


Downwind Dogs: Tactics for Defeating A Coyote’s Nose

by Gary Lewis 0

A coyote’s nose is one of nature’s wonders. Here’s how to prevent a coyote from smelling what you’ve got cooking.


Choosing And Using The Right Coyote Calls

by Pete Rogers 14

You have to change your tune when hunting educated coyotes that have heard it all.

The author dropped this coyote after he called it from nearby woods. The animal had been feeding on a dead deer carcass and hadn't moved far from the easy meal. Photo by Stephen D. Carpenteri.

Predator Calling Tips & Tactics

by Stephen D. Carpenteri 4

Close shots at predators are far easier to make than long ones. Here are some expert tips on getting them close.

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