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Hunting Oklahoma Whitetail

Oklahoma Cactus Buck

by Game & Fish Staff   |  November 21st, 2011 7

A look at Russell Nickel’s incredible Oklahoma cactus buck!

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Russell Nickel has been deer hunting for more than 30 years and has gotten to the point where it takes a special buck for him to pull the trigger. He's put several nice deer on the ground where he hunts in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, which sits just south of the Kansas border, but this past Saturday, he saw a buck unlike any he'd ever seen before.

While sitting atop a small sandhill in a box tower with his son-in-law, the duo spotted a massive cactus buck that had Nickel doing double take after double take, unsure of what the heck he was even looking at.

  • Gary

    Most likely the buck was injured and never shed it's antlers; — happens once in a while. I have even heard of ranchers who catch a young buck and castrate him then let him grow into such a buck — but this may just be a tall tale.

  • bjk

    I'm not sure I would eat the venison from this one! Is there a NUC reactor nearby?

  • dave

    Interesting trophy !! Once in a lifetime for sure . Good buck to remove from the gene pool as well . Great trophy RUSS .

  • bugs

    wonder if he got any hes awful ugly

  • McBeth

    Looks like no "Rocky Mountain Oysters" from this buck!

  • EJH

    once in a lifetime , great trophy

  • glelief

    All I can say is, "Wow"

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