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Hunting Ohio Whitetail

Ohio Deer Found Dead Hanging From Bridge

by Game & Fish Staff   |  January 13th, 2012 10

Image courtesy of Norwalk Reflector - Click to enlarge!

Was this another example of a bungee cord jump gone wrong? Probably not, but Huron County, Ohio residents were surprised to see a dead deer hanging from a bridge locals call the “Blue Bridge” in Ridgefield Township. It is unclear how the deer got there.

What do you think happened?

  • Dillon Eilers

    here in iowa we see deer on are bridges all the time cars come spoke them they start running down the bridge pritty soon there on the bridge there onyl one way that they see to get off and thats to jump off the side of it like one of our barb wire fences

    Dillon Eilers
    Archery Outtfitter
    Praire Du chien CABELAS

    • Craig

      obviously dillon you should have went to school past the sixth grade,and focused more on learning how to spell and write correctly,instead of chasing deer with a car across bridges. Im sure Iowa has a few schools dispersed throughout all those cornfields.

      • Natalie

        Hey Craig, your punctuation is terrible. Glass houses Craig, glass houses.

      • Big Bass Lew

        I hate retards with confidence, you must be from Pittsburg.

  • craig

    maybe that deer was trying to commit suicide because she was from OHIO. I just wonder what authorities did with all that good venison meat? I hope it was donated to a local food bank or homeless shelter. During deer season I keep one deer for myself & my family and the rest I donate to local homeless shelters. Most processing facilities will process your deer (or other game meats) for free if the meat is being donated.

    • Big Bass Lew

      In Ohio, it is not customary to eat “road kill” you dumbass.

  • paul

    I guess if you guys want to call each other retards and dumbasses thats ok. You guys are missing the point here. I agree that a car may have spooked the deer and the only option was to get away from danger as her instincts taught her to do, as a result she did not know where she was at the time and did what she would usually do and jump to the side of the road, therefore getting hung up on the bridge and then a short time later she died of her injuries. As you could see , thats was a horrible way to die.

  • Aaron

    Some hunter shot a doe and decided to chuck it off a bidge in the middle of the night so he didnt have to use a deer tag. If a deer jumped and landed on that it would flip around like a fish to get off.Deer are very tough animals,that was not that far of a jump to get hung up and die.Not buying the jump theory…..

  • Bear Man

    Was there any note found?
    Just wondering.

  • wrenyzy

    Yea, didnt you hear? they just found a note there today and much to our suprise it was a sucide note written by the hanging deer itself ! It said it was so unhappy with our new president Obama and all these tree huggers that she just didnt want to live another day. duh?? a note ?? the sad thing is I dont think he was joking? lol

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