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Man Kills Record Alaskan Moose

by Game & Fish Online Staff   |  October 12th, 2012 1

Photo from the Redoubt Reporter.

Like the old man in Hemingway’s famous sea tale, Tom Condon waited a long time for the kill of a lifetime.

But after 73 years of hunting, Condon, of Soldonta, Alaska, got just what he was looking for—a massive 1,500 pound bull moose with a 73-inch spread and 10-inch base. Although the official score won’t be released until November, it’s a pretty secure bet that Condon will at least make it into second place with his record Alaskan moose.

“I knew he was a real shooter, but I didn’t know the true caliber of animal he was until I got up on him. I’ve hunted and guided nearly all my life and never gotten one over 950 (pounds), so getting one weighing 1,500 was a real treat, and it’ll be in the all-time books for sure,” Condon told the Redoubt Reporter. He said his conservative measurements put him without question into the Safari Club and Boone and Crockett record books, though the exact spot he’ll claim is to be determined.

Condon said he won’t retire after his best year moose hunting, but after five bypass surgeries and another heart attack this March, he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be able to go on. His doctors didn’t want him to go this year but he went anyway, against their orders. Apparently his decision paid off.

“I’ve never hunted strictly for trophies. I’ve just believed in hunting and letting the rest fall into place, so I was elated when I got up to this guy. I mean, I’m 73 and I can see my twilight days coming, so to know you still have something like this in you, it’s a real thrill,” Condon said.

Unlike the old man in Hemingway’s story, however, Condon walked away with a freezer full of meat and a pair of antlers bound for the record books.

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