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Man Arrows Potential World Record P&Y Desert Bighorn

by Jim Matthews   |  February 3rd, 2012 5

A ram shot in California’s San Bernadino Mountains — measuring 180 7/8 inches — could set new Pope & Young record for desert big horn sheep.


  • Jim

    no wound mark — where was it shot?

  • jerry, al

    Looks like it came out next to the hip.

  • Tom

    WOW! Such a beautiful animal is a must for display in a full body mount but at least front. Great job!

  • Holum

    Very Nice Ram! Glad to see there is still huntable areas that close to LA.

  • Wayne

    I was one of Bret's crew members. This is a GREAT ram! He is haveing a full body mount done. 16 inch bases and left horn is 35 4/8 inches and right horn is 37 0/8 inches. The mass is carried all the way out. As you can see the condition of the horns are really good, no big chunks busted out that would affect the score. This view does not show the age very well but he is an 8, 9, or 10 year old ram.

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