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Is $31,538 Too Much For an Elk?

by Game & Fish Staff   |  January 3rd, 2012 3

The Show-Me-State has Spent-The-Money when it comes to an elk reintroduction project that has the state auditor bellowing loud, angry bugles over cost overruns in Missouri’s effort to bring elk back to the state.

According to, the Auditor’s report showed that the Missouri Conservation Commission has spent $1.23 million on the reintroduction of 39 elk in a three county area for a whopping cost of $31,538 per elk.

As with any government spending, there are multiple sides to the story with how tax payer dollars are spent and the MDC certainly has their explanation, which you can read here.

What do you think? Should states spend large sums of money to reintroduce species like elk?

  • Pat

    I think that the State Auditor needs to shut up and worry about the real misc waste spending that is going on. Such as the huge cell phone and monthly vehicle expense, and meals and entertainment allowance that is afforded to the Auditor.
    Bringing Elk back into the state may be costly for the first several years they are here, but if we look at the "Big Picture," the income revenue that they will produce in the long run will way offset what is spent getting the herd started.
    Yes State Auditor, you too fail in the assumption that what we spend today has nothing to do with tomorrow. If we keep living for today and today only, there soon won't be a tomorrow.

  • Mike

    The State Auditor in his grand wisdom is counting the salaries of full time employees of the conservation dept who are involved in this project. These individuals would be paid even if the project never occurred.
    The article fails to mention several thousand dollars that was donated to the state from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to help offset the cost. I personally think that it is a great initiative to reintroduce elk to Missouri.

  • Shabang

    I back The Department of Conservation, They are the ONLY government agency doing ANYTHING to help this great state. If hoosiers don’t shoot these Elk thinkin’ they’re some mighty big deer, then our state will once again have an elk population. Is an elk worth 30k….hell no…is a future with elk to hunt worth it….YES! So please guys…don’t shoot our elk…they’re worth as much as a new Volvo.

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