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875-Pound Black Bear Harvested In Pennsylvania

December 17th, 2010 1


17-year-old black bear that tipped the scales at 875 pounds is dropped in Pennsylvania, may be new record


An 875-pound black bear harvested by David Price of Barrett Township, Pennsylvania just missed out on a world weight record by four pounds, but is going to challenge the current B&C skull record — 23 inches — once the mandatory 60 day drying period has passed.


The bruin stands as the largest ever harvested in Pennsylvania state history.


Over the years, the bear had been caught and released multiple times by New Jersey Fish & Wildlife officers; as recently as last year he was tranquilized and weighed in at a hefty 711 pounds.


Hunting with a crossbow, Barrett, along with two other hunters, had to shoot the animal nine times before the bear would expire.

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