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Hunting South Carolina

Hunting Trophies Removed from Principal’s Office

by Dylan Polk   |  March 21st, 2012 34
Buddy Chapel

Photo from Dave Munday/The Post Courier

A South Carolina principal has removed an extensive hunting collection from his office at the request of a few offended individuals.

Summerville High School principal Buddy Chapel, a former Marine drill sergeant, removed several animals that had been shot in Africa, saying the controversy generated by the display had become a distraction, according to The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier.

The display had been featured in the paper’s “Your Lowcountry” section in January, and generated some negative response in the form of a few letters to the editor, which said Chapel’s display was inappropriate in a school setting.

Chapel said he offered students the chance to talk about the animals if they felt the display was indeed inappropriate, but generally, the students enjoyed checking out the trophies, which included several antelopes, a couple boars and a stuffed lioness.

“They have a great time,” Chapel said. “It’s like a big zoo for them. It hasn’t freaked any kids out that I know about.”

Be that as it may, the offended letter writers were happy to get their way.

“When there are so many controversial issues that students and teachers aren’t allowed to discuss in a public school setting, why would something as controversial as this be permitted?” Summerville resident Alison Harvey told the paper in a follow-up interview.

What do you think? Should school officials be allowed to display their hunting trophies?

  • dboyles

    Absolutely, we have to stop letting the minority run everything. If they are offended, then don't go to his office!

  • Steve Nutter

    Say it isn't so! Since when has somebody's offendedness at such a harmless thing like this have the power to change policy (especially since it curtails this man's right to decorate his office as he wishes). There's nohing obscene on his desk or walls. I wonder if the same people would be offended if the school passed out condoms? This political correctness doctrine is destroying our nation. By the way, if I was sent into see the principal for some disciplinary matter I would be put more at ease by the presence of these trophies because it shows that the man is more than merely a paid disciplinarian.

  • Jim

    this minority thing is way way out of control

    • Gary

      This is how we lost prayer in schools. When are the American majorities going to stand up for OUR rights under the constitution?

  • mike

    what ashame another way to take our freedom away , this man served his country that why we have the freedom we have . alison harvey what did you do beside find something to bitch about ,get a life it people like you that makes this country more like a communist country everyday . give the man some respect he was doing a good thing ,some children probley never seen some of these animals it would be educational and fun for them.

  • Mike F.

    "…as controversial as this…" – what controversy? The controversy comes from a very small minority (in it's most well-known form – PETA). When I was in school, we used to go to a museum that had considerably more stuffed animals than this. I don't see a problem with this – I wonder what those "squeaky" people have in their offices that I would consider "offensive". I think this is a case of people just trying to forward their agenda at the expense of a public official.

  • Ernie

    I have to agree with all of the comments so far. None of the students had issues with the displays, and it appears that none of the staff did either. The PC crowd has gotten too much control. I don't believe that we need to completely ignore the minority, but this is ridiculous that a few (and I presume) "PETA" and "Tree Huggers", require the whole world to rotate around their misguided beliefs. Maybe he should have had pictures of the ELF group damage to property and people on his wall, or the Human Society of the United States gassing stray animals. I comment the principle for trying to dilute the issue, but it should never have been an issue in the first place…what a bunch of a-holes…

  • Curt

    there are people out there that will complain about anything you do these days. I am pretty sure this man is a good principle, but some people are anti hunters and they live among us.

  • Joe Ripp

    Political correctness will destroy our freedom of speech! Political correctness is not the law! YET!!!

  • Dan

    I am a practicing veterinarian- and have had clients refuse to see me after learning I am a hunter. There is nothing that can be done about people who live in a non-reality based world. I'm around these vegan/PETA types all the time- trying to carry on a reasonable discussion with these folks is like trying to stop the sun from coming up….
    I think his office looked great!

  • Buddy

    Soon, they will be offended by the steaks at the meat counter. We will have to buy meat on the black market!

  • PC509

    I'm offended by these people making him take it down. HIGHLY offended.

    I'm actually very impressed with his old office. Catering to those that are offended is a waste of time. No matter what, SOMEONE will be offended by what you do.

    QUOTE: "The PC crowd has gotten too much control." – I agree full heartedly. Sure, a little discretion works great, and don't be a dic^ about things, but come on. They are just forcing their beliefs on others. At least that's the way it comes off. May not be their intention, but it sure looks like it. And I'm offended, but I don't care. That's their right as an American citizen – freedom of speech. You can bitch about things and it's ok. I'm not going to force them to stop, otherwise I'd be going against my own values and fighting against the freedom of speech, which is what they are doing.

  • Jim Kuranda

    My country is going down the tubes to a bunch of squeaky wheels. But who is enforcing and backing them?
    I would like to see the (honorable) drill sergeant not only re-hang the MUSEUM pieces but add one or two,
    if you know what I mean.

  • cuzsis

    I was more worried for his trophies. Some kid with an axe to grind might break in during the night and spray paint them or something. Would be a terrible loss.

    Beyond that, unless it was parents of students complaining, or students…you know the people who are actually *affected* by his office, the rest of the town folk need to stop being tattle tales and go outside and play in the sun.

    Students who like the trophies should start a facebook group or something. Get some kids to rally with signs and call the local media for a "counter point" story. Would be goodtimes!

  • Gene Galitz

    When done properly hunting teaches kids respect not only for wildlife but life in general. It also teaches personal responsibility and accountability. As a taxidermist I can assure you that nothing shows more respect for the animals taken than to have them preserved in the most life like form possible. The money generated by the sale of hunting licenses and hunting equipment is the only reason wildlife still exists. The so called "conservationists" ie PETA and the like contribute next to nothing and in fact bilk the american tax payers out of millions of dollars per year with their frivolous law suits. I say rather than remove them use them as a teaching tool.

  • John

    Get your children and your selves out of those Government schools. Let that sorry corrupt system collapse on itself. Its the beginning of the socialist education of our kids, so get them into private schools or home schooling.

  • Allen

    I blame the pricipal for not standing up to the idiots who were the winey crybabies. He stood up to a h**l of a lot more as a marine. I'm so sick and tired of the uber policial correctness and the majority in this country being snuffed out and constantly bending over backwards to cater to a few nut jobs. When will it end?

  • tomtookalook

    maybe they should mount alison harvey and put her up on the wall. how stupid that a few people dictate what other people do. i think it is a shame that a person has to take down something that even the kids look at in appreciation. PUT THE HEAD MOUNTS BACK UP!!!!

  • Nick

    PETA, Poorly Educated Tight A$$es what a crock this is. I teach and hunt and fish and also work with animals and rescue them. His trophy room brings students the opportunity to explore all of the avenues of nature. The money that hunters spends helps to maintain the habit that these animals need. This PC garbage is way over the hill and I tell all of my students that they can make a difference in many ways including hunting*-

  • Shootist

    I wonder, how many of the folks that responded are obama voters. If you truely think this is an example of PC run amok, wait, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of what the idiot in the White House has prepared for you.

  • MOHunter

    This is the worst form of discrimination, I would be hiring a lawyer pronto!

  • Mak

    I took a turkey fan that had the beard and feet attched to the mount into the police station where I work and was told by my supervisor to take it home. I think he was jealous…

  • Rick Scheer

    It is or a mean was, a true educational experience Alison… Get over it.

  • James C Posthumus


  • Robert W, Jackson

    To this point all the commenters have assumed that those who object to the animal heads in that office are members of PETA or other anti-hunting groups. That is purely an assumption. I am not a member of PETA and I am a once and former hunter and I agree with those who think that the animal trophies are inappropriate in a high school principal's office. That office is not HIS! It is the office of the HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, which is to say it belongs to the PUBLIC. What would ordinarily be expected on the walls is evidence of the person's qualifications and experience as an EDUCATOR. The trophies say nothing about the man in connection with his obligations as a professional educator.

    • jonclong

      Does that mean you also want personal pictures of your kids, crafts etc. removed from the walls of public offices? People forget that if there isn't a rule against it and it does not harm another person, it is permitted.

      • PC509

        "But, but, but…. That's different…." – That's what I'm thinking is coming.

        But, it's NOT different. At my work, there are several offices with animals on the wall – from a nice bass to a huge elk. No one is offended.

  • Nobody

    I have problems with both sides of the argument. I don't think its really needed if they are in his office. They are his personal things that are unrelated to his duties as a principle. But I don't think he should be forced to keep them out. I think he should allow the science teacher to hang them up in his/her room and go around these people that complained.

  • Bob Wright

    I have numerous Fish and Deer mounted and hanging in my office. I also have sevral pictures of deer, Turkey, Hogs Dolphins and AMerican Bald Eagles posted in my office and I show them very often to my customers and thier children. WE also have Beaver, Deer, Alligator, Turkey and several types of fish hanging thru out of office space.. People enjoy them,

  • Mike Hill

    As long as the Marine has gotten all the trophies legally, and the Summerville / Dorchester county BOE does not have a problem, then let the Green Wave Principle have whatever he wants in his office! I am sure each one has a fantastic story to go along with mount and could serve as a teaching tool for some of the students. This is also one of THE best known high schools in SC, for their academics, band and athletics programs, not to mention all the NATIONAL awards and records this school and it's educators have won! Go Green Wave! class of 80

  • Larry C.

    I agree with all comments related to the "Vocal Minority" (VM) continuing to get their way just because they can 'bend' a few ears. This set-up worked for the students and this school. Let the Principal make the decision and the VM's should consider getting a life!

  • wlittle1686

    I don't see anything wrong with the principal's display. I used to go to a doctor who loved to deep sea fish, so his office was adorned with some of his prize catches. I personally enjoyed seeing them as much as he enjoyed displaying them.

  • dalton


  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    This area of SC is flooded with northerners from NJ, NYC and it’s suburbs, CT & MA. I wonder how many complainants came from these areas?

    Take it from a lifetime resident from this sub region of the northeast. People who don’t like, nor understand guns and hunting from these areas are like leaves on a tree.

    And they import this very same sentiment when they move to the south along with their spirit of complaining and protest.

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