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Hunting South Carolina

Hunting Trophies Removed from Principal’s Office

by Dylan Polk   |  March 21st, 2012 34
Buddy Chapel

Photo from Dave Munday/The Post Courier

A South Carolina principal has removed an extensive hunting collection from his office at the request of a few offended individuals.

Summerville High School principal Buddy Chapel, a former Marine drill sergeant, removed several animals that had been shot in Africa, saying the controversy generated by the display had become a distraction, according to The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier.

The display had been featured in the paper’s “Your Lowcountry” section in January, and generated some negative response in the form of a few letters to the editor, which said Chapel’s display was inappropriate in a school setting.

Chapel said he offered students the chance to talk about the animals if they felt the display was indeed inappropriate, but generally, the students enjoyed checking out the trophies, which included several antelopes, a couple boars and a stuffed lioness.

“They have a great time,” Chapel said. “It’s like a big zoo for them. It hasn’t freaked any kids out that I know about.”

Be that as it may, the offended letter writers were happy to get their way.

“When there are so many controversial issues that students and teachers aren’t allowed to discuss in a public school setting, why would something as controversial as this be permitted?” Summerville resident Alison Harvey told the paper in a follow-up interview.

What do you think? Should school officials be allowed to display their hunting trophies?

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