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Wild Hog Trafficking Operation Busted; 4 Charged

April 11th, 2017 0

Conservation officers have uncovered an illegal wild hog selling operation in South Mississippi. The suspects were actively trapping wild hogs in both Louisiana and Mississippi, transporting them to a holding pen, then selling them, live, to buyers from the two states.

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Image via Volker.G

From Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

Mississippi Conservation Officers in South Mississippi recently dismantled a group responsible for the illegal selling and transporting of wild hogs.

The illegal trafficking operation was discovered when a concerned citizen tipped off local officers of what they believed was a “possible illegal situation that concerned them greatly.”

Christopher Miley and Mandy Miley both of Franklinton, LA were charged with the following:

Importation of wild hogs, transporting wild hogs without a permit, unlawful selling of wild hogs, and trapping in Mississippi without the appropriate license.

Bethanie Toothman of Sulphur, LA and Sierra Miley of Tylertown, MS were both charged with unlawful sale of wild hogs.

“These subjects were actively trapping wild hogs in both Louisiana and Mississippi, transporting them to their holding pen in Walthall County, then selling them, live, to individuals across southern Mississippi and Louisiana” stated Major Lane Ball.

According to a 2010 study by the USDA, wild hogs contribute to $1.5 billion in property damage each year.  They also carry numerous diseases and viruses that affect other native and domestic animals as well as humans.

“Due to the destructive nature wild hogs have on personal property, agricultural property and public health, uncovering and eliminating operations like this is extremely important to us” said Colonel Steve Adcock. “This is another outstanding example of service performed by MDWFP Conservation Officers. ”

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(Image from Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks)


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