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Hunting Tennessee Turkey

Golden Eagle Attacks Tennessee Tom Turkey

by Game & Fish Staff   |  March 23rd, 2012 19

A Tennessee tom felt pressure of a different sort this turkey season when a giant golden eagle swooped in, talons flared, attempting to punch a mother-nature-provided tag.

The video was recorded by a trail camera owned by Ken Little of Waverly, Tennessee.

The video also shows the successful efforts of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) to restore the numbers of these two species, whose population had dwindled until actions taken by the TWRA, NWTF, Tennessee Wildlife Federation and American Eagle Foundation helped improve the outlook for both birds.

  • William

    Nature style Turkey hunting.. NICE!!! Turkeys are quick!! "Eddie Eagle" says: Next time Tom, you will be the "guest of Honor" at dinner.. You WILL be dinner!!! If at first you don't succeed……

  • joe griffith

    Had a Big Red Tail do that to me a couple years ago on opening day. 1st a big doe comes and stands between me and the Tom, then once she left and I called him back the big Red Tail Hawk came in and started a big fight…
    Big Tom had enough and ran into the woods.

  • David

    While deer hunting I actually saw this happen in South Central Alabama a few years ago. The eagle actually hit the tom. They rolled around for a few minutes getting aquainted. The eagle spread his wings while on the ground. Long story short, a bruised turkey and a still hungry eagle finally departed the scene.

  • Jerry

    Great video, Icould be wrong but the eagle looked like it has a white head. I think it was a bald eagle.

    • John

      Yep – that is the Baldest Golden Eagle I've ever seen!!

  • Harry

    Sure looked like a bald eagle to me as well!

  • Left Coast Chuck

    I'm not James Audubon nor do I portray him on television, but that looked like a hen turkey to me and the eagle definitely had a white head. I believe the term "tom" is used to denote a male turkey.

    • Guest

      are you kidding me, you can't see the beard dragging on the ground?

  • Harry

    If it's a hen, it had a rather substantial beard! You can see it in the first few seconds of the video.

  • Michael C.

    Now you can understand why the turkey was just a few votes short of being our National Bird and not the Eagle. Also, it appears the eagle was a youg one, look at its wing span.

  • Don

    No Golden eagles in Tenn. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    It is indeed a golden eagle in the video. What you see as the "bald" head is actually the light golden crown of the golden eagle. You can also see white markings on the wing and the tail specific to the golden. While both are powerful birds, the golden is the more active predator of our two eagles and more likely to try audacious attacks, such as on big "Tom" turkeys.

  • MOHunter

    How awesome a shot is THAT!

  • MOHunter

    I have watched aGolden Eagle fish a private lake I frequent in North MO. they are great to watch.

  • MOHunter

    John, Harry, and Don…Goldens DO frequent the midwest, do your homework!

  • Nobody

    Thats an amazing video. Wish I could see a golden eagle…

    • Bullistik

      This is NOT a Golden Eagle. First of all they are rarely in Tenn or MO for that matter. That is an immature Bald Eagle as can easily be seen by the bare yellow legs. Goldens have brown feathers all the way to the feet.

      Also, that is definitely a Tom Turkey. I have several bearded hens that frequent the feeder in my back yard. Their beards are about half that long and very thin and whispy.

  • Holum

    After looking up several range maps online it appears that Tenn is included in most of the Winter (non-breeding) range classifications. It certainly is not impossible for that to be a Golden Eagle and to me appears to be one based on the markings and the several I have seen personally. Just my 2 cents.

  • Ahmed Zouhri

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    Top 7 Best Eagle Attacks (GRIZZLY,KANGAROO…& MAN) HD

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