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Facebook Founder Kills Bison

by Game & Fish Staff   |  September 30th, 2011 8

Here’s something for the pro-hunting community to “Like.” Apparently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is sticking to his guns regarding his May 2011 declaration that he’d only eat what he killed.

According to, during Zuckerberg’s unveiling of the new Facebook timeline, there was an image of the boy billionaire cooking a bison burger, prompting many to ask if he killed the animal himself.

Apparently, that answer is yes, as Zuckerberg recently obtained a hunting license and permit for his bison hunt to put some meat on the table (and freezer considering it was a bison!)

There’s no indication if this was a free-range bison or how Zuckerberg hunted his quarry.

Zuckerberg’s May comment revealed that he wanted to take more responsibility for the food that he eats from a health and nutrition standpoint, and it appears it wasn’t just lip service.

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