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Guide to Shed Hunting with Dogs

by Tony Peterson   |  February 26th, 2014 0
labrador retreiver, lab puppy, shed hunting with dogs, dog shed hunting

Many of today’s shed hunters are training their own dogs or paying top dollar for professionally-trained pups just to find more bone. Photo courtesy Tony Peterson.

It didn’t take long for shed hunting with dogs to take off. Top dog trainers across the country are breeding, and developing single-pursuit dogs that are shed hunting machines, although just about any pup with retrieving instinct can be taught to seek out cast antlers.


Dog training expert Tom Dokken created the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA) to fill a void he saw in the sporting dog world and its popularity is reason enough to justify its existence. “We started this organization because people needed education on how to train their dogs. This is a relatively new sport and competition like we’ve created brings out the best in trainers and dogs, and just enhances the whole category.”

Spend a single day afield with a shed dog and you’ll understand why they are becoming so popular in deer hunting circles and why anyone obsessed with spotting rows of tines poking through the snowpack would covet a canine trained in the ways of antlers.

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